A Day in the Life

Hello and Happy Tuesday!!

I am back today to blog, “A Day in the Life” post!


Before I get to that, let’s talk about this fun, sassy look! Summer is not over yet!!

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Now, onto my “Day in the Life” post!

If you’re new to these kinds of posts, let me explain! I basically pick a random, ordinary day on the calendar in advance, that has no specific plans and I document that specific day. Now, if plans occur before the day arrives, great! If not, that’s also great! I truly like for these posts to be a real “day in the life.”

These are my favorite posts to read on other blogs and I know these will be my favorite posts to look back at and reread one day!

So today, I am blogging what a day in the middle of the summer looks like for me! I documented yesterday- Monday, July 29th!



I taught an online class at 5:30 this morning, so I woke- up at 5:15! I forgot that I was documenting this day so I failed to screenshot the time when I woke- up but I remembered in the middle of class!

Class was over by 6 so I went back to sleep for about an hour! (I stayed up til midnight teaching the night prior!)

I woke- up around 7 and had a bit to spend with Harry before he went to work, then I went back to teaching at 7:30. I taught 2 more classes and I was finished by 8:30.


After class, I cuddled with Ace on the couch for a bit! I was still pretty tired from staying up late and waking up early!


Next, I made breakfast! I made prosciutto, tomato, basil, and scrambled eggs on toast!

One of my favorite things about summer, is having time to make a good breakfast! Goodness knows when school starts back, I will not have this kind of time!!

Disclaimer: This is the only good meal that you will find on this post today! HA!


I also had a cup of coffee with breakfast! I’ve been loving the Starbucks Blonde Roast lately. It is unsweetened and only has 5 calories per serving!! I add a splash of silk milk! I only drink cold coffee! Weird or no?


After breakfast, I had my quiet time! I pray and read my devotion. I’ve already began praying for the students on my class roster for this upcoming year!

When I make quiet time like this each and every day, God really does help change my entire perspective for the day.


Next, I worked on the blog for a bit! You can find yesterday’s post here: Yay to 28!


After blogging, I worked on some school related things! I wrote things in my planner for the upcoming school year, typed out my class schedule for next year, etc!

Find my planner here: 2019- 2020 Planner


Then, I decided I should put on some real clothes for the day! Ha! Another bonus about summer break, is not having to “get ready” everyday! lol

I promise I made my bed after this!

I bought this black romper at Express years ago! You can find a similar romper from Express, here: Classic Black Romper


I never really ate lunch on this day! Just snacked on a protein bar, pretzels & pimiento cheese! I ate breakfast later than usual on this day!


Then, I called my PaPaw to wish him a Happy Birthday!! We’re going to celebrate his birthday this upcoming weekend!


I spent some time in the backyard with Ace!

I worked on my computer a bit longer! We just bought a new computer this past weekend. I had my previous computer for nearly 10 years and it’s been giving me LOTS of problems lately because its old. Since I teach online, I needed something more reliable so my birthday present this year was a computer!

I’ve never cared about having the most expensive computer because I use it very minimal- teaching and writing blog posts!

I bought this new computer for a GREAT price and it has everything I need! It’s light weight, easy to transport, just what I needed!

You can find my computer here: HP Notebook


By this point, it was dinner time! Harry had to work late today and I had plans for the evening so we were not going to be able to eat dinner together.


I had a bowl of cereal LOL and Harry had leftovers once he got home!

Back to school banner design

Around 6:30 that evening, I left home to go to Walmart! I just made a quick stop to buy a few things I needed to work in my classroom this week. Is it really almost time to go back to school? #stayforeversummer


Then, I headed to my sweet friend, Emily’s house!

She hosted the CUTEST party for the finale of The Bachelorette!!



I mean just look..! She’s the best!!


We had a fun time watching, laughing, talking, and just hanging out!

Girl nights are always good for the soul!


After the show, I headed back home! I got home around 10:30 and got ready for bed!

I sent some “cards” to my VIP Kid students who I had taught that day to basically say, “great job today!”

I was asleep by 11:00- 11:15!


And that is a summer time “day in the life!”

Hope y’all enjoyed! How do all of my teacher friends/ work from home friends spend their day?

Have a great day!


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