I’m a blogger!!!


Today, I am writing my very first blog post! It is also my quarter of a century birthday. Thats right, I’m 25! As I sit here and write, I feel extremely humbled and blessed. God has poured so many blessings over me over the past 25 years and there have also been many lessons learned. Here are just a few of my favorite moments over the past year since my 24th birthday.


I began my teaching career as a Kindergarten teacher


I went to Baton Rouge with my family for the first time to see our LSU tigers play


My 80’s theme bachelorette weekend with the girls


The day I married my bestfriend ❤


Our honeymoon in the Asheville mountains at The Grove Park Inn


Enjoying my first summer off as a teacher in the Isle of Palms


July 4th celebrations with my boys ❤

As I look back over the past year, I can see God at work in every aspect of my life. There were many times when I thought the world would come crashing down on me. Planning a wedding and going through my first year of teaching at the same time was not always easy.

I was so busy, so tired, and completely exhausted (mentally and physically). Now, I can look at everything and see God’s plan and protection in it all. First year of teaching is a lot to take in so planning a wedding was a good way to clear my mind and focus on something in my personal life. On the flip side, planning a wedding could be stressful when my checklist was from the ceiling to the floor, so teaching always kept my mind off of the million vendors I still needed to follow up with.

Year 24 was filled with many ups, downs, and MANY blessings. I can’t wait to see what 25 has in store. I’m going to be teaching 4k this upcoming year and I can’t wait to impact and help shape their little minds. Now that I’ve had a moment to breathe and refresh this summer, I’m getting excited for a classroom of sweet little ones in a few weeks. I’m also excited to see what God will do in other aspects of life. It is amazing seeing all that He can do when we are seeking His ways.

I hear all of these “quarter life crisis” stories and to be honest, I use to think turning 25 seemed so old. Now that I am 25, I have never felt younger or better. We have our whole lives ahead of us to “get old” but you’ll never be younger than you are right now so enjoy it. You’re only as old as you let yourself be. My husband (Harry), will be on a camping trip with my 8 year old brother for boy scouts this weekend so I’m excited to throw on some heels for a girls weekend. They say they have some “surprises” planned.  They’re the best! I’ll fill you in on the surprises later but for now, Happy Thursday! It’s almost Friday, it’s okay to look up. 🙂


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