Motivation Monday: Everyday Joy


“May the God of all hope, fill you with joy and peace.” Romans 15:13

Have you ever noticed that you’re filled with more joy when your heart is after Jesus?


I saw this the other day and I have never read anything more true.

So often we have thoughts like, “When I lose X amount of pounds, I’ll be satisfied.” OR “When I start seeing abs from all of these work outs I’ll be satisfied.” OR “When I meet the right person, I’ll be happy.” OR “When I get that promotion at work, I’ll be where I want to be.” Etc. Etc. Etc.

All of these things can bring happiness for a moment. But that’s it. Just for a moment.

More often than not, I’ve heard stories like “Yeah I accomplished X GOAL but it would be nice if this would happen too.” (You fill in the blanks.)

There is nothing wrong with having goals for yourself and wanting to accomplish things. However, most of these earthly goals only leave us wanting more. They do not completely satisfy us.


If you’re looking for an everyday, eternal happiness, filled with hope and joy, Jesus is the answer.

Let me say it louder, JESUS IS THE ANSWER.


You see, every step we take is from God. We can’t do anything apart from Him. He is there with us through every joy in life when we accomplish goals. He is also there through every sorrow in life, when things are not going well at all.

We must always remember though, that His heart is for us. We can find our joy in knowing that He is in control. God really does work everything in our lives for the good if we seek His ways and follow Him!

Whatever it is you may be going through this week, I encourage you to give it all to God and find your rest in Him!


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