All About Ace

Happy Wednesday everyone!! In case you missed my social media post, my sweet Ace turned 5 a week ago today!


I often get a lot of questions about Ace so I decided to do a blog post that is all about Ace!


We adopted Ace April 2nd, 2013 from the Spartanburg Humane Society when he was 8 weeks old. We found out that a litter of puppies (Ace included) were rescued from a puppy mill and taken there at 6 weeks old. Ace was the last one left in the litter and I swear the $90 adoption fee is the best thing that we have ever paid for!


At the time, Harry and I had only been dating about 6 months but we lived at the same apartment complex (that’s how we met) so Harry agreed to help me take care of a puppy. This picture was taken the day that we met Ace!


Before I adopted Ace, I really wanted a female toy poodle. I had my heart set on it with a name picked out and everything. As fate would have it though, that never worked out, and now I know exactly why. The day we walked into the shelter “just to look” we found the perfect 3 pound puppy that was so full of energy and in need of a home!


After begging the employees at the humane society to let us adopt him, (there were 3 applications in front of ours that we did not know about) we were finally able to take him home the day after meeting him and we decided on the name, Ace!


Look how tiny he was!!


We often get questions about his breed and his unique size. Over the years he has grown into a 20- 25 pound dog that still has a sweet puppy face. People often mistake him for a puppy even though he is 5 years old. The Humane Society had him listed as a “yorkie terrier mix.” To be honest, we have no idea what breed he is. I know we could do a test to find out but I also know that it would come back with many breeds listed. We just know that he is ours and he is the BEST!


He’s spoiled but oh so sweet!

Ace LOVES the lake!! He swims like a fish!

He loves the beach! He can run for miles!

Ace also loves the snow!


He is there when we are sick!


He is there through it all!


The cutest!!


He is just a like a kid! He gets so excited about everything!! Even on Christmas morning!


My Ace Pants!!


There are not enough words to express the joy that he brings into our lives! God blessed us abundantly by giving us a dog, not just any dog, He gave us Ace!


I love my little pound puppy!

“The world won’t change by adopting a dog but for that dog, it’s world will change.”


Ace loves to play, run, be around people, and Brusters icecream!

That pretty much sums up Ace!!

Catch me back on the blog Friday for a new *Fab Friday* post!



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