Life Lately

Hello friends!!!

Can you believe we are 3 months into 2023!

Ahh!! We sure are loving the start of spring over here!

Bring on all of the outdoor fun!

I love to do my “life lately” posts quarterly throughout the year to catch up on all of life’s things!

My last, “life lately” post was in December and we left off around Christmas!!

You can read all about that and relive Brewer getting his red truck on Christmas morning, here:

A Christmas to Remember- 2022

We spent the last week of 2022 & rang in the new year in, Kiawah! It really is such a beautiful place by the beach!

Read more here!

We now have a TWO year old!!

Read all about his Toy Story party, here:

Two Infinity & Beyond!

Life with a 2 year old is so sweet!!

I have truly loved every age that we’ve experienced with Brewer so far! I think every stage is sweet, fun, & special in it’s own way!

Age 2 is full of laughter, lots of talking, lots of adventure, and watching him learn something new every day!

I love being this sweet boy’s Mommy more than anything in the entire world! I have always wanted to be a Mommy and Harry & I just truly feel like we are living out the best days of our lives right now!

The season of love was sweet around here! We take all of our holidays serious lol, including Valentines Day!

We celebrated with our tradition of Chinese take out food, homemade rice krispy treats, and decorations here at home! Our favorite way to celebrate Valentines Day! 🙂

At the end of February, we spent a weekend in Charlotte to celebrate some family birthdays!! These cutie cousins got to spend time together!

We escaped to the beach for a weekend of kite flying, playing in the sand, seafood, & the most amazing weather!! It was the perfect spring weekend getaway! Spring & fall are my favorite times of year to be at the beach!

Read more, here: Spring Weekend Getaway

St. Patrick’s Day was sweet!! We went to Clover (fitting for St. Pattys Day!) and Brewer stayed the night with Nana & Papaw!

Harry & I had a date night back in Spartanburg just the two of us! It’s been a while since we’ve been out just the two of us! We both joked about how it was weird without our third wheel lol!

The next day, Harry had a work event and I was off to Asheville for a girls day with my mother in law and my sister in law (Harry’s brothers wife!) We went to a baby brunch to celebrate one of our other sister in laws. (Harry’s brothers wife) who is having a baby girl soon!! The Cochran cousin crew keeps growing! We love it!!

After the shower, we did some shopping & stopped for drinks and apps at a rooftop hotel! We were in Asheville all day! It was such a fun girls day!

Following that weekend.. I was on spring break!! Monday, Brewer & I had a cozy, cold day at home! That called for cuddles and indoor tents!

On Tuesday, we met up with Natalie & Hughes for a day in Greenville!

Brewer also got a real haircut on this day!!

And he looked just like Dad in that moment!

Cutie pie!! The little haircut has really grown on me!

On Wednesday, Harry had the day off! We took Brewer to a paint studio in town to make his very own handprint craft!

On Thursday, we spent the day outside!

I went to the Spartanburg ballet with my mother in love that night!

Friday was a fun day on the town with my mini!

We went out for breakfast!

And we had a day at the Children’s Museum!!

This past weekend, Uncle EE came to town!! We took him to visit local schools around town! He’s 15 and will be thinking about college in a couple of years!

Of course we had to take him to our alma mater- Spartanburg Methodist College! It also happens to be where Harry works! 🙂

“When I grow up, I want to be like Dad!”

Of course, we had to show him around USC Upstate too! Fun fact: Harry and I are graduates of SMC and Upstate! SMC was a 2 year school back in the day but now it’s a 4 year school!

This week, we’ve been getting back into the swing of things post spring break! Summer count down is officially on!! How cute is my little errand helper?!

Other random life things lately..

Brewer went through a phase where he was scared of the bath tub! If he saw a spec of dirt or fuzz, he thought it was a spider and freaked out!! We have no idea where that came from! He would climb completely out of the tub with soap & shampoo all over! Lol! It was a cute little memory that I’ll never forget but thankfully it was short lived! He’s back to loving bath time again!

One day during my spring break, we had a visitor… Mr. Raccoon! Whew! He was cute as a button but it was pretty scary because it was hard to let the dogs outside or let Brewer outside to play that day. Mr. Raccoon stayed almost an entire day but thankfully he left during the night and we haven’t seen him since then!

We are just soaking up these spring days with our Brew Brew!! He’s so adventurous and fun! We know we have a big spring/ summer to look forward to with him! 🙂

*That’s all for now! I’ll be back here tomorrow! :)*

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