Motivation Monday: Invite Jesus into your calendar!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had the best holiday season with loved ones! I also hope everyone was able to soak in some down time over the past week. I always look forward to the week after Christmas with “not much to do!” I’ll recap that week at the bottom of today’s blog post!

How fitting that the New Year began on a Sunday!! Of course, my first post of the new year has to be a “Motivation Monday” post!

(I also have a new banner above! You’ll see several new banners in the new year! :))

At the beginning of each year, I like to plan how I will be doing my “quiet time” for that year!

This is my devotional that I will be using for 2023 along with my Bible and prayer journal!

Yesterday, January 1st, when I opened up the first devotion for the year, it spoke something to me that has already been on my mind…

Invite Jesus into your calendar!

I’ve always been the type of person to go, go, go and do ALL of the things! Since becoming a mom, I only have time for things that also include my family. I want to be still, savor, and enjoy every moment in front of me with Brewer!

I have felt the Lord whisper to me in several ways “be still.”

That’s why my devotion spoke to me when it said, “Ask Jesus to take control of your calendar. Ask Him to fill in the blank dates to mesh with His purposes for me.”

This also reminds me of my role, I am HIS servant! When I invite Him into my calendar, He’s going to allow us to be still and serve Him, first. He’s also a God who wants us to be with our families and put them next to serving Him. I know if I invite the Lord into my calendar each day, I will always have time for those things!

This will also take away stressors when things “do not go as planned” because He is in control of our day!


I will be inviting the Lord into my calendar this year and asking Him to fill in the blanks! I hope you will do the same!

What other New Years resolutions do you all have?!

We went out of town for a few days after Christmas to Kiawah Island on the coast of SC!

It was the perfect way to spend the last week of the year. It was super chill and relaxing! We rode bikes, went for beach walks, walked the golf course, listed to the ocean breeze, pulled our baby boy in the wagon, and played on the playground!

One day, while bike riding, we came across this tree house that had these words carved into it:

I thought that was a great reminder going into a new year! “Be where your feet are.”

Wherever the Lord places us each day, be present in that moment with who/ what is in front of us!

Here are some more fun memories & pictures from our trip:


I hope everyone has the best first Monday of 2023!

I’m so excited for you to be a part of our year here on my blog!

I have some fun things planned for the blog this year and as always, I will be blogging twice a week! Thank you so much for being here! It is such a blessing to connect with each of you each week!

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*I will be back here tomorrow! :)*

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