Two Infinity & Beyond!

TWO infinity & beyond!!

What a fun time this Toy Story loving baby boy, had for his second birthday!!

Brewer has always loved Toy Story!! I think it started with the colors. He was so fascinated by the reds, blues, yellows, etc. Plus it’s a movie about toys!!

Buzz & Woody are his favorites!!

Here is a little flashback to September of him playing with his Woody & Buzz action figures! Be still my heart!

It was only fitting that he was Woody for Halloween this past year..

Woody’s Halloweekend Round- Up!

..and it was only fitting to continue the Toy Story theme for his second birthday! And oh my word, he lived his best life in those Buzz lightyear wings!

I had so much planning this party because it’s something that Brewer LOVES!! He was so excited over everything!


On Brewer’s actual birthday this week, I blogged a 24 month/ 2 year update on all of his latest adventures, things he has learned, likes/ dislikes, etc!

You can find that, here:

Happy second Birthday, Brewer!

Today, I am recapping his, “Two Infinity & Beyond party + how we spent the day he turned 2!!

I will link all party decor at the bottom of today’s blog post!

Rise & shine, it’s party time!

We had his party the Saturday before his actual birthday!

The Children’s Museum in Spartanburg is perfect for a toddler birthday party!!

Some museums are geared more toward older kiddos but this one is perfect for Brewer’s age!

He really took his imagination, “Two Infinity & Beyond” while exploring all that the museum had to offer!

The wings!!! They melt me!!

Brewer would literally see the decor laying around our house and shout, “Toy Story!!”

Hehe! This part was easy! We grabbed some old boxes just like the movie!

Sunnyside (Brewer’s room) box was used for gifts! We added his toys from the movie that he already had, to another box for decor!

His party was early in the day so we had snacks + cake!

The boots were my favorite part!! His boots are also Toy Story theme!

A lady in my hometown made his cake! She also made his first birthday cake. You can find her on Facebook: to the moon and back cakes!

The museum has a party room that we reserved for the first hour for our family and his little friends! After, we explored the museum!

The museum already had this little station set up in the party room! All littles love magnet tiles!

Brewer is obsessed with bubbles so we used bubble wands for party favors! I found the tags online!

This makes me happy!

Cake time!!

He was SO proud!

He had the sweetest little smile while everyone sang Happy Birthday to him!

You can watch the video, here!

Haha! Cake face!

Time to explore the museum!

The Childrens museum has a little ball pit area, a really cool water table, a block area, a race track table, a market, a Spartanburg regional play healthcare center, a book corner, a treehouse & slide, + more!

He had the best time with playing with his friends & cousin!

And that wraps up party time!! He had a BLAST!!

Here is the party recap video!


We had a low key Sunday, the day after his party! Then on Monday…

Rise & shine, someone is officially TWO!!

Brewer was born on 1.23.21 at 9:42 am!

He woke up to some fun Toy Story balloons! Plus, we sang happy birthday!!

Present time!!

Brewer got his very own real, wooden playhouse!! Now, he can take his imagination to infinity & beyond anytime he wants right here in the backyard!

He loves it SO much!!

Shout out to Harry for putting it all together!

Shop, here: Wooden Playhouse

Our next adventure of the day was build a bear!!

You can build a birthday bear for the price of your age! For example: if you turn 2, you pay $2 for a bear!

We went last year when Brewer turned 1. This year, he was so much more into the process!! It was so sweet to watch! He was so proud of his new teddy!

Then, we went to the park! Brewer LOVES the park!! He is fearless on the slides! No matter how big they are!

It was such a fun day with our birthday boy!

We came home and made dinner + sang Happy Birthday once more! He was obsessed with blowing out the candle!

We ended the night by watching Toy Story with the two birthday bears!!

It was such a sweet day turning two! This is the recap video!


Okay, I have rounded all of the party details up for you guys! Use the link to follow me in the LIKEtoKNOWit app and shop!

Tap Here!

We can’t wait to see where this life continues to take us with our sweet boy.. TWO infinity & beyond!

*I’ll be back on the blog next Wednesday!*

2 thoughts on “Two Infinity & Beyond!

  1. Nicole says:

    This is just SO cute!!! My kids have always been obsessed with Toy Story too. 🙂 You did such a good job throwing it all together.
    Also I have to ask, where did you get the red cardigan you wore to his party? It’s SO cute!!! 🙂


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