Spring Weekend Getaway!

Hi friends!!

Happy, Happy Tuesday!

This past weekend, we slipped away to IOP for a little spring weekend getaway!

The weather was perfect. The beach was amazing. And it has us ready for all things sunshine, spring, & summer! Today, I am going to recap our getaway!

We pulled into Charleston Thursday night around 9:00. I love pulling into the city at night time! It’s so beautiful!

After we arrived, we unpacked and went to straight to sleep!

Let me add that Brewer is not the best sleeper these days when we travel! This started at the beginning of the new year when we were in Kiawah. He’s not a big fan of the pack & play anymore. If he wakes up during the night, he wants out and then he sleeps between us! We’ll take it because we know it’s only a travel thing! 🙂

It also makes me think of that country song.. “let them sleep in the middle.. let them be little.” So sweet!!


Friday morning, we were up early & ready to walk to breakfast!

We went to the Sea Biscuit on Isle of Palms (IOP!)

Someone was happy about his smiley pancakes!

And the crab cake Benedict was perfection!

After breakfast, we walked over to the surf shop to see the talking parrot! And look what else we found!! He really gets to see Buzz fly now! Lol, he was SO excited about his little kite!

A bit later, we hit the beach!

Brewer was back in his happy place, splashing in the water, playing in the sand, and chasing birds around the beach!

We could not get over how amazing the weather was! Spring & fall at the beach are so dreamy!

Later that evening after baby’s nap time & getting all cleaned up, we headed back down to the beach to fly the kite!

(There’s a little video at the end of today’s post! :))

It is such a gift to be this sweet baby’s mommy! It’s my favorite thing in the entire world!

I snapped this picture on the way to dinner Friday night! No filter!! So stunning! Wow!

Spartanburg Methodist College, (where Harry works & where we both went to college) puts on an oyster alumni event in Charleston each year! We thought it would be fun to go since it just so happened that we were in town the same weekend, so that’s what we did that night! It was great catching up with people! 🙂

Saturday, we were ready for another fun beach day!

Not pictured, Brooks & Mary Catherine (Harry’s brother & sister n law) came down to Charleston and joined us on the beach!!

We always have the best time with them!

These two have my whole dang heart!

A little screened in porch, reading, while baby was napping!

All ready for dinner on the island that night!

Me & my boys went to dinner at one of our favorite spots on the island- Acme Cantina!

The Isle of Palms- shrimp & grits… AMAZING!!


The sweetest getaway!

The next morning, we got coffee and headed back home! It was the perfect weekend away and we are officially ready for all the joys of SPRING ahead!!

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**I will be back on the blog next Tuesday!**

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