This & That Thursday

It’s Friday Eve!!!

Ahh! I’m having the best spring break with my little mini me this week!

Today’s post is a little bit of this and a bit of that, too! So settle in as we cover lots of life’s current things! Here we go! 🙂


This week: Spring break!!! We have done different, fun, local things each day this week and we’re just having the best time! Here we are yesterday at Hearts of Clay here in Sparkle City! Brewer made his very own handprint craft for spring!

Looking forward to: Spring break has me ready for all things summer!!! We thrive on all of the fun in the sun! Bring. It. On!

Currently Dreading: I’m on spring break, spring weather has officially returned, and we have exciting plans this weekend.. not dreading anything at the moment! 🙂

Reminiscing On: Aww!! This was Brewer last Easter! I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately! Just how cute and little he was & still is! I want to soak in all of these spring memories with him, especially the most special holiday- Easter! I pray Brewer will always have a heart for Jesus!

Watching/ Reading: Okay, let’s talk about what I’m watching this month!! This. This final 3 on Zach’s season of the bachelor is phenomenal!! So classy and respectful! I love that the show feels like it’s going back to it’s roots this season. It’s been about the love story and less about the drama. And the girls are all great friends!! I LOVE seeing that!!

Zach also had a great final 4!! I’m so excited to see Charity as the bachelorette! Casting this season was great! 🙂

Listening to: Has anyone given this podcast a listen yet?! It really does feel like I’m going back to my childhood in the 90’s with this podcast!! I’m kinda enjoying it! Some of it is repetitive as the 3 hosts are recapping each & every episode. I skip over some of them! But it’s very interesting and I’ve learned a lot of cool behind the scene details of Boy Meets World!

What’s on the Menu: We ate at a new restaurant in town, TWICE this week for lunch! Let’s talk about it.. Sully Steamers! SO GOOD!! We went to the location in Greenville earlier this week with my friend Natalie & her sweet baby, Hughes. We loved it so much that we took Harry to the brand new location in Spartanburg for lunch, yesterday! It’s sandwiches that are served on steamed bagels. They’re soft & SO YUM!!! Harry, Brewer, & I are all fans!!

I’m Loving; If you guys follow me on Instagram, I’ve been raving about the Stanley cup on my stories lately! Let me just say… it IS worth the hype! Lol! I’ve never been a big name brand cup person but I’ve been on my A game drinking water & electrolytes to stay hydrated lately. I thought that deserved a fancy cup! The Stanley website tends to stay out of stock BUT they are currently in stock on Amazon for $35. This cup really does keep my drink cold + the handle is my favorite part! Snag one now while you can!

Shop Here!

Weekend Vibes: Uncle EE (Ethan) is coming to stay with us!!! We’re so excited!! Ethan is my youngest brother who is 15! We’re going to show him some college campuses around Sparkle City this weekend!

Bible Verse: “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live…”

Easter is coming friends! This is THE most important holiday that we celebrate! Jesus died so that we could live in freedom, peace, hope, love, and joy!


I hope everyone has the very best weekend!

*I’ll be back on the blog, Wednesday!*

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