Woody’s Halloweekend Roundup!

Oh what a weekend!!

My heart has melted over and over watching over very own Woody right in front of our eyes!

If you’re a routine blog reader, then you know Brewer’s obsession with Toy Story! He has loved it since he was a teeny tiny baby! I think it started with his fascination of all the colors. Now, Woody is a favorite toy!

It was only fitting for him to be Woody this Halloween!

And I must say, he was such a cute Woody!!

Today, I am doing a Woody Halloweekend Round- Up post! It was such a FUN Halloween!

The fun actually began last Wednesday night!

Brewer went to his very first trunk or treat in Clover at the church I grew up in!

He had so much fun with my fam at Trunk or Treat!

He was SO excited the entire night!!

I mean… this cowboy melts my heart! And he now uses the same jackolantern boo bucket that was mine as a kid!

The next round of Halloween fun was on Friday when Brewer got to dress up like his life size lovey!

Brewer’s precious church program hosted the CUTEST Noah’s Ark Day!

The sweetest parade I’ve ever seen!!!

We love this little giraffe big time!

Honey came to Noah’s Ark Day, too!

After the parade, we played some fun indoor games with Brewer’s sweet friends!

The babies loved the giraffe! Brewer has the same one in his room at home!

Brewer and DaDa in his sweet little classroom!

We had the best time! We love, love, love where Brewer gets to spend time with friends each week! Such a God blessing to our family!

Giraffe Costume

Our last Fall Friday Night before Halloween was spent…

Pumpkin carving!

Brewer loved playing in the pumpkin slime!

And he was so proud of his little jackolantern too!

On Saturday night, the whole family was in costume! It’s a Toy Story world with Buzz, Woody, BoPeep, Billy, Goat, and Gruff!

My Aunt Joyce and Uncle Eddie from the “Brewer” side of the family host a Halloween party every year! We grew up going to their house for Halloween as kids so it’s extra special taking Brewer to the Halloween parties at their house!

It was a night full of family, food, games, candy, and a haunted trail in their backyard that’s pretty impressive!

Brewer even won “Best All Around Costume” lol!!

Monday morning was Halloween!

Brewer was excited about his boo bucket prizes!

Pumpkin Pajamas

Halloween was also “Take your baby to work day!” Lol! Harry’s office dressed as minions for the work Halloween party! I love my minions!

This is Brewer and Harry’s sweet coworker Emily! I heard Brewer was shy until music came on and then he started dancing lol!

Then, Woody was ready to take on Halloween night!

We went strolling through our neighborhood to trick or treat!

Homemade cookies from the sweetest neighbor! That’s my kind of trick or treat!

We love our neighbors!

Toy Story meets Goldilocks and the 3 bears!

We met up with our besties in the local, “Halloween Town” neighborhood for a Halloween stroll and more trick or treating!

These baby boys were so content riding around in the wagon together!

Their little friendship is just the sweetest!

Just like their Mamas!

And their DaDas!

Such a fun Halloween night! We LOVE doing life with the Mabry fam!

When we got home, there were some trick or treaters out and about, so we got to pass out candy too!

And it’s not Halloween if wings aren’t involved!

This Halloween marks 8 years that Harry proposed to me on the rain on Halloween night and we had wings for dinner! Lol! I love this man more and more with every passing Halloween!

And at the end of the night when no one was looking.. just like a Toy, Woody crawled into the Toy Box!

What a Halloween to remember!

We will treasure these memories with our very own Woody forever! This video reminds me of Woody and his very own Bullseye! So sweet!

I hope you enjoyed Woody’s Roundup!

I hope y’all had the best Halloween, too!

**I’ll be back on the blog tomorrow!**

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