Happy 2nd Birthday, Brewer!

Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet, baby boy, Brewer!! 🥳💙🎉

Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born! ⭐️

Brewer is joyful, loving, funny, silly, adventurous, and just the sweetest & most chill, baby boy!! 🤍

Brewer loves Toy Story 🤠, playing with ALL of his toys ❤️, animals 🐄, being outside ☀️, trucks 🛻, any ball that he can throw ⚾️, waffle fries 🍟, the beach 🏝️, anything that involves adrenaline 🌀, his lovies 🦒, his puppy brothers 🐶, his family/ friends 💛, & holding hands to pray! 🙏

Harry & I are just in awe that we are his parents! He’s just so much fun and what an incredible 2 years it’s been! Ty We can’t wait to see where this boy mom/ dad life continues to take us!! Somehow it really does keep getting better.. TWO infinity & beyond!!

It is a gift to be your mommy!

Daddy feels the exact same way!

I will recap Brewer’s birthday party/ weekend on the blog, later this week!

Today, I am recapping his 24 month/ 2 year update!

After Brewer turned 1, I did some fun quarterly recaps on the blog! My last Brewer update was mid October when he turned 21 months!

Let’s catch up on all of his experiences, new adventures, & things he has learned since then..

We had the sweetest fall season with Brewer!! He loved the leaves, pumpkins, cool weather, & fun times! You can read all about our fall, below:

Fall 2022 Recap!

Brewer made one cute giraffe for Noah’s Ark Day at his sweet church daycare!! We called this costume his life size lovey!! Lol

Brewer continues to love going to his sweet church daycare 3X a week! He has learned so much and made the sweetest friends, here!!

Brewer also made one cute Woody for Halloween!! Read all about our Halloween, here:

Woody’s Halloweekend Recap!

We had a fun time trick or treating with our bestie fam! Brewer & Judson play so well together! It’s so, so sweet!!

Brewer & I have the sweetest relationship!! He comes to me for the snuggles!

And runs to Harry for the giggles!! He loves his DaDa SO much!! He lights up when he walks into a room!

We took Brewer to the Carle Sandburg house to play with the goats!!

He was in Heaven! He loved the “goat goats” so much!

He also had his first big boy haircut! If y’all remember, I gave him his first, “hair trim” but this was his first big hair cut at the barber shop in town!

We had to keep the curls in tact though! It’s a hair thing, lol! I actually took him back to the barber shop before his birthday for another little trim! The barber can’t believe how good he is! He sits in the chair so patiently while he gets his hair cut!

We had the sweetest Christmas season too, with all kinds of fun! Including baking in the kitchen!

He loves being up on the kitchen island like a big boy helping Mama!

Our Christmas season included lots of fun things like the Nutcracker and SO much more! Read all about it, below:

Christmas Season Recap

Tweetsie at Christmas time was one of our favorite memories this year! Read all about it, below:

Tweetsie Christmas

We enjoyed so much time with sweet friends & family around the holidays! Brewer always amazes me with how well he does around other people, especially kids! He loves kids of all ages, especially his sweet buddy, Mason!

This was a Christmas to remember! Brewer is at such a fun age!! He was very into all of the Christmas spirit this year!

Christmas morning was just special in every way! I love seeing the joy in his face!

He loves toys!! Which is probably why he loves Toy Story so much lol! It’s a movie about toys!! Brewer is so playful and always using that sweet imagination! It’s amazing to watch!

Read our Christmas recap, here:

A Christmas to Remember- 2022!

What’s better than one lovey.. TWO lovies!! Lol! The original lovey was looking sorta rugged, so I bought him a brand new lovey! I had to look high and low to find one just like the original. I was so curious to see which he would prefer but from the moment he saw both.. he wanted BOTH! Lol!! And he knows if one is missing. There must always be two lovies now, at all times!

We rang in the new year in Kiawah this year! Brewer loved being at the beach in the winter!

Brewer got this table & chair set for Christmas from Nana & Papaw. It’s become his favorite thing! He loves sitting here to color & do fun activities!

Ice cream dates in the middle of January are so fun! He loves a sweet treat!! He gets his sweet tooth from his Mama!

Play dates in the middle of January are also the best! I love these bestie boys!! Brewer loves Judson + the park! Two of his favorite things!

He’s still a big fan of bath time! Silly boy!

My little winter babe! He is so smiley 99% of the time!


Let’s talk about more things that Brewer loves:

-his tent



-his sandbox

-his cousins

-he loves saying, thank you! Like ALL the time! It’s so, so sweet!!

-he loves saying the word, “bite” when he wants something to eat! It sounds like the sweetest baby bird!

-9 times out of 10, he’s hanging out in a shirt & diaper at home! It’s like Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats! Lol

What does Brewer not like…:

-he does SO much better in the car these days, even on longer trips! He still has his moments though!

-he’s not a big fan of being told, no! Ekk! He can have some short lived tantrums at times!

-stickers! Lol he is still NOT a fan of stickers!

It’s been the most incredible two years that we could have ever dreamt of! Thank you, Jesus!

We can’t wait to see all the places and things that God has in store for his sweet life!

..*TWO infinity & beyond!*..

**I’ll be back on the blog Wednesday to recap his party & how we spent his birthday! :)**

Thank you for loving our sweet boy!!

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