The Pup Pups

Today’s post is all about the pup pups!!

Ace had a birthday earlier this week & Nash has a birthday this weekend! I just thought it would be fun to hype up these 2 little rascals on the blog today! LOL!

Ace turned 9 this week!!

Ace is sweet, he is loving, he is patient, he loves to run, he loves treats, he loves to snuggle, he loves to swim, he loves ice cream, he is gentle, and he is loyal!

Ace has been with us from the very beginning! Harry & I adopted Ace from the shelter when he was 8 weeks old. Harry & I had only been dating for about 6 months! He’s been with us throughout dating, engagement, getting married, moving apartments, buying our first house, and having a baby! He is our best buddy!

Nash turns 2 this weekend!

Nash is a rule breaker and keeps things interesting! Lol!! He is potty/ house trained but he still loves to steal things when no one is looking! He loves to play, he loves to go for car rides, and he loves attention!

Nash was the perfect little addition for our family before having a baby! I wanted Ace to have a friend before a baby came along because Ace was the baby for a long time!! Nash is a perfect little companion. He’s spunky, he’s fun, and he’s loving! He looks up to Ace, A LOT! He keeps Ace young and Ace loves his company! Nash loves everyone in our house and we all love him!!

We may not be able to get picture perfect photos with their wild personalities but goodness, they bring so much joy & laughter to our family!

The pup pups have adjusted EXTREMELY well to having a baby around! They are so gentle with Brewer and they get so excited to crawl around with him every day!

Brewer can officially say, “Ace!” He loves Ace!

Nash is his little buddy! They’re both little babies! Lol!!

Brewer laughs OUT LOUD at the dogs every day! When we walk in the door from being away from home, he immediately looks for the dogs!

We love our pup pups!!

(Fun Fact: this is one of the first outfits I purchased for Brewer before he was born! I saw it and immediately thought the dog looked like Ace and I had to have it! It’s hard to find things with Ace’s picture on it because #ShelterPuppy but this little outfit made my heart so happy!!

So much love for the puppy brothers!!

We celebrated Acey Pant’s birthday on January 31st!! Cake for the win!

Nashy Bear’s birthday is on Sunday! We will celebrate again with ice cream!!


If y’all ever come to my house, I promise the puppies will think y’all are here to see them!! Lol! They go crazy (in a good way) when people come over! They love visitors!

See y’all back on the blog, next week!

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