This & That Thursday

Hey friends!!

Happy Friday Eve!!

Welcome to my first, “This & That Thursday” post of 2023!

I love these posts because I literally talk about a little bit of everything life related on these posts! I just find these posts so much fun!

As always, this is my line- up of what I will be covering:

Here we go:

This Week: This week has been a pretty normal work week! AnnaVee stopped by earlier this week and Natalie came by today! It’s always fun catching up with my sweet friends! We also took Brewer out for a January ice-cream date yesterday afternoon! Those are the random, fun memories that we will savor and hang onto forever! Our sweet boy!!

Looking forward to: Brewer turns two this month!! I have had SO much fun planning his 2nd birthday! I’ve ran several errands this week including a Party City run! I can’t wait to celebrate our baby boy Brewer!

Currently Dreading: Hmm… I’m not really dreading anything at the moment! I’m finishing up report cards for this quarter but that’s not too difficult. Brewer’s birthday present involves putting some things together but that’s more of a job for Harry, lol! And I do have laundry that needs to be done! Nothing to too dreadful happening at the moment!

Reminiscing on: Aww!! This time last year, our sweet baby was turning 1! It has me reminiscing on his first birthday party. You can read all about it, here:

Winter W I L D One!

Reading/ Watching: Okay…. I know I started this book back in the fall and I told y’all I absolutely loved it! That is TRUE! Mom life, wife life, work life, and the holiday rush sorta got in the way and I never finished it! Now I’ve forgotten so many important details that I have to go back and start over! I’m really striving to do better this year and really stick to reading one book a month! I’m back into this one and it’s still great! As far as what I’m watching… nothing really!

Listening to: I opened up my Apple Music playlist and this is what I have been listening to lately! Lots of Christian/ Worship songs! It breathes so much life into me!

What’s on the Menu: Harry grilled steaks this past weekend! Since then, we have had grilled chicken, chicken pot pie, and salad!

I’m Loving: I purchased these slippers back around the holidays! I love them so much that I purchased several more pairs to gift to people for Christmas! My friend Brittany said, “they feel like I’m walking on a cloud!” Lol but seriously, they do! They’re super cozy for winter and just year round!

Shop Here!

Weekend Vibes: Ahh! It’s a long weekend for us over here due to MLK day on Monday! We are looking forward to a long weekend of no specific plans! Lol! We do not have any particular thing planned as of now so, we will just see where the weekend takes us! I love weekends like that!

Bible Verse: I like to leave y’all with a Bible verse on these posts! Psalm 62:8 was in my devotional this week! I thought it was a great one! When we TRULY trust in HIM, we will find so much rest and peace!


One more thing before I go! This video will make you smile! This is Brewer busting a move when we went out for ice-cream yesterday! LOL! I love him so much it hurts!

Y’all have a great weekend!!

*I’ll be back on the blog next Wednesday!*

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