Fab Friday

We made it to Friday!!

I’ve been completing end of year testing with my students this week! It’s felt long at times but it’s also been SO sweet. I’ve loved meeting with my students one on one and seeing their growth this school year! It’s truly been so incredible! To watch a child learn how to read… it’s been so special to witness! This kindergarten teacher’s heart is so happy for my students!


Okay, today’s blog post… welcome to April’s edition of: Fab Friday!

I’m sharing a dress, a pair of heels, two hair care items, and one neat thing from Brewer’s Easter basket this year! I’m loving each of these things so, so much! Here is why:

1. My dress– I wore this dress recently to a bridal shower and got so many sweet compliments on it! I love the colors for this time of year, the buttons down the front, the little cut outs on the side, and the fun floral pattern! It’s perfect for all spring/ summer events!

Shop Here!

2. Cream Heels– I’m also wearing these heels in the picture above! Most of my heels are a beige color, so it was time for something lighter in my wardrobe! This pair by Dolce Vita have become a new favorite!

Shop Here!

3. Heatless Curlers– Okay, I finally gave the most talked about hair care item a try!! I love the heatless curlers. I’m actually shocked at how much curl they give my hair. I think it’s really going to limit how much I use my curling iron, especially on those “in between hair wash days” when I’m also trying to not use so much heat, this is going to be my go to! I’m only keeping them in 2-3 hours and getting lots of curl. They’re soft enough to sleep in too!

Shop Here!

4. Hair Ties– I have a new favorite hair tie!! These super soft, thick, blonde hair ties are my new favorite!! (They come in other colors too!) I love the thickness because it’s giving me a higher pony tail. It looks like I’m teasing my hair but nope, it’s just the hair ties! They’re super soft and good for your hair too!

Shop Here!

5. Fubbles– haha! From hair care to Fubbles… lol! I ordered this from Amazon for Brewer’s Easter basket. He is bubbles obsessed! But often times if he’s holding the bubbles himself, naturally, they spill everywhere. Well with Fubbles, they are non spill! Tried & true over here! We love them! Apparently, they’ve been around since I was a kid but I do not remember them at all. I was so excited to come across them, recently!

Shop Here!


That wraps up this month’s edition of, Fab Friday! You can shop the full round- up and follow me in the LIKEtoKNOWit app where I post other fun things, here:

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*My next blog post will be Monday! Have the best weekend!*

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