Brewer is 2… and a quarter!

Yesterday, our baby boy officially turned 27 months old, or should I say 2 & a quarter! Lol

Just like last year, I’m going to do some quarterly update posts for Brewer this year to update y’all on all the 2 year age fun!

Brewer actually had his 2 year check up last week! He is 32 pounds and he is in the 90th percentile for size/ height!

(We always get the room with Woody & Buzz at the doctors office! #fitting)

Since Brewer was born, he’s always been HUGE! Lol. We get asked about his size and comments about how big he is, ALL THE TIME! Lol!! I say he’s taking after his name… the “Brewer” side of my family has tall/ broad shoulder, boys! Maybe we have a future line backer on our hands?! Haha! We shall see!

Brewer is already into all the backyard sports, including: baseball



And golf!

Basically, anything sports related, he loves!

He also lovesssssss all things truck related: trucks, tractors, dump trucks, trains! All of it! He’s obsessed!

He’s also obsessed with chasing planes in the sky and calling them, Buzz (for Buzz lightyear) He came up with this all on his own! Lol

He had his first “big” haircut after he turned two! He doesn’t mind getting a haircut one bit!

Brewer LOVES to be outside! With the new time change, he doesn’t want to come in until the sun goes down!

Harry taught him about the free kid cookie deal, at Ingles! Now, he remembers and requests a cookie anytime we’re in Ingles!

He continues to be obsessed with animals! He always requests to go on walks around the neighborhood to see the, “cow cows” and “goat goats.”

We love our daily strolls around the meadow with our boy!

He loves his puppy brothers too!! This is us celebrating Ace’s birthday at Brusters! Excuse his outfit attire.. it just so happened to be the 100th day of school at daycare too!

This age is so fun and so silly! He is always making us laugh. And he talks SO much!! He is really starting to repeat phrases & sentences these days! It’s also funny that he can pick out certain words we say…

The other day, we were driving & Harry said, “geeeeze” because drivers were being crazy! And Brewer threw up his hands and said, “geeze!!” Lol be careful what you say around a 2 year old!

Brewer also LOVES going to church!! He use to get upset for about 5ish minutes during drop off on Sunday mornings but now he gets SO excited!!

He loves getting to play with his friends at church!

He gets so excited for daycare too!! He has always loved his part time church program that he attends 3 days a week! He trots in all smiles and he comes home repeating everyone’s name!! It’s so sweet!

Brewer loves a good holiday too (just like his Mama!)

Click here to see our full Easter weekend, recap:

Easter Weekend

We had the best time recently, in Dollywood with Brewer! He is so full of adventure and is always up for going to new places!

He LOVED the rides! He is an adrenaline junkie! He loves anything that will go FAST!

He really is so full of life!

Turning two does come with tantrums though.. here we are.. in a public place.. he’s laying on the floor.. just having a moment! Thankfully the tantrums are for just a few moments! Whew!

He loves his family too!!!

He is always repeating everyone in the family’s names!

He loves all of the play dates with friends too! Especially his bestie, Judson!

Brewer is a great helper around the house! He likes to help do dishes and by that I mean, play & splash in the water! He likes to help unload the groceries as well!

He continues to be a bubble fanatic!! It’s so sweet to hear him say the word, “bubble.”

Speaking of bubbles, he had his first bubble bath the other night and he was a BIG fan! He was not happy when it was time to get out!

He is always a big fan of the beach when we make it to the coast! We are so excited for all the beach memories coming up this summer!

Oh, and he still carries two lovies everywhere! We’re in trouble if we forget a lovey! Lol

He continues to be a great sleeper! He sleeps 12ish hours at night and naps for 2 hours (sometimes 3) during the day!

And his love for books is still so sweet!! He gets excited for the free books each month from the Dolly Parton Imagination library!

We’re actually working on learning colors right now so this book was perfect!

Brewer loves Mommy!

And he loves Daddy!

So what are some more things that Brewer loves/ is learning these days:

-spaghetti is his favorite food (he eats so much!)

-he is great at feeding himself

-he loves dinosaurs

-he loves anything water related, especially his water table

-his bubble lawn mower

-his little red truck

-outdoor chalk (really anything outdoors)

-He can name lots of body parts: nose, ears, eyes, teeth, mouth, belly button, feet, toes, hands

-He loves looking at pictures and naming who everyone is

-He knows when we are close to home while driving and will start shouting, home or dog dogs!

-It’s so sweet to hear him repeat prayers and hold our hands when we bless the food or say our nighttime prayers!

What are some things that Brewer does not love:

-he doesn’t like being told no, of course

-he likes to stall at bedtime… he loves bedtime but it’s almost like a game now! He will ask where everyone else is to make sure everyone else is going to sleep too.. lol! And he wants a truck to hold while we read! Every single night! Haha!

-he’s doing better with longer car rides! Anything over 2 hours has been difficult for him in the past. So we got him a little toddler tablet for Easter, only to use on long car rides and he LOVES it!

Toddler Tablet

-he doesn’t like crispy chicken nuggets. for example: chick Fil a… he won’t eat nuggets if they’re slightly crispy, lol. He prefers them to be flat like a Tyson chicken nugget.

-he’s not a fan if we tear his food in half: example a graham cracker or a waffle lol. Please leave his food exactly as is! Haha!


He really is a chill 2 year old boy! He just loves life and loves to have fun!

We are so grateful to be his parents!!

It is so surreal raising him! Harry and I look at each other daily and say, how did we get so blessed!

**I’ll be back on the blog, Thursday!**

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