This & That Thursday

Welcome to this months edition of…

This & That Thursday”

I love these posts and getting to share just a bit of this & that from our week!

As always, this is my roundup:

Here we go!

This Week: We are enjoying all of the evening, family strolls around the meadow! The weather is finally feeling like spring again and we are loving every bit of it!

We live in a neighborhood but the neighborhood itself is surrounded by nothing but farm land! We really do get the best of both worlds out here… the best neighbors + lots of backyard friends including: cows, goats, horses, deer, turkey, etc!

Our walks this week have been incredible!

Looking forward to: Well this gorgeous weather has us ready for all things fun in the sun!!! Brewer is already loving being outside until the sun goes down. He does not ever want to go inside! Lol! Bring on all the water play and outdoor things! We’re looking forward to it!

Currently Dreading: Someone recently told me, “your house always looks so clean!!” Hahaha, let me assure you it is NOT! Lol! I have a two year old and there are toys everywhere all. The. Time. I actually need to go “pick up the house” as we speak! Not really dreading it but ya know… things don’t stay in place long around here! lol! I’ll miss these days so I’m trying to enjoy the chaos!

Reminiscing On: Aww!! You know how iPhone pops up memory photos?! Well my phone shared this sweet memory with me from this time last year! My little Brew Brew!! I can’t wait for another summer of fun with my baby boy!

Watching/ Reading: My favorite show (bachelor- y’all know this) is currently filming which means it’s not airing at the moment. Everyone I know is watching, Love is Blind. I feel like I’m the only person not watching it at the moment!! I tried to give it a chance several seasons ago and I just couldn’t get into it. My sister says I need to give it another chance… y’all weigh in! Do I need to watch it? Also, send me a good chick lit, fluffy spring/ summer book recommendation!

Listening to: I’ve talked about this podcast before but Shay & Ericka recently launched a new season of episodes on their podcast! It’s just two moms who I look up to, chatting about life! It’s a fun listen while driving in the car or doing things around the house! 🙂

One more…

In the past, while driving in the car, I’ve played the Toy Story soundtrack for Brewer and he got SO excited!! Yesterday, while driving in the car, he requested this soundtrack!! Y’all.. his excitement is next level when he hears this music in the car! Lol, he recognizes it and gets SO excited! A sweet memory that I’m savoring!

What’s on the Menu: We’ve had chicken tettrazini a couple different nights this week! I love dishes like this that give us left overs for a couple nights in a row! It makes life easy during the week. 🙂

I’m loving: I love a colorful wardrobe! Especially this time of year when getting ready for summer, vacays, and all things fun in the sun! I shared all of these outfits on a blog post last week, PLUS summer & swim attire for baby/ toddler boys!!

Shop these items, directly here


Last week’s blog Post: What I Wore Wednesday

Weekend Vibes: We have a low key, spring weekend ahead and we are SO excited about it! We started our spring planting a month ago, then it got cold so we paused, and we picked up our spring yard work last weekend!! This weekend, the plan is to finish it! YAY! 🙂

Bible Verse: This verse was in this morning’s devotion. It’s such a great reminder! We live in a world now where everyone says, “speak your mind, let your voice be heard, etc…” but what about listening? Often times, we’re thinking of our response to things that we’re not truly listening. This Bible verse is so important and there’s a reason Jesus wants us to be, “quick to listen and slow to speak.”


Okay, that wraps up this months edition of “This & That Thursday!”

*I’ll be back here tomorrow!*

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