Tweetsie Christmas

Hey Everyone!

How is your Wednesday?

This is my current view!

It’s Wednesday, it’s 11 days before Christmas, it’s raining outside, it’s foggy, it looks like winter, and it’s just so cozy! So here I am in my office/ guest room writing this blog post and all the cozy vibes are bringing me Christmas joy!

This past Sunday, we experienced our very first, Tweetsie Christmas! It was so memorable that I had to blog about it!

We knew we wanted to do a train ride with Brewer this Christmas and after doing some research, our hearts kept pulling us to Tweetsie!

Harry & I have not been to Tweetsie since we were kids and we’ve never experienced a Tweetsie Christmas!! It was so special experiencing it all through Brewer’s little eyes!

We loaded up the car and we were ready for a ride through the mountains!

Choo, Choo!! Brewer had this little toy trains for the road trip!

We were in the clouds on the way up the mountain! It felt like a winter wonderland!

First, we stopped in downtown Blowing Rock, just a few minutes away from Tweetsie, to explore the little mountain town!

The town is so adorable!

We found the cutest little pub for lunch in downtown- Towne Tavern!

It was so festive & fun for the holidays!

It melts my heart that Brewer reaches for our hands these days when it’s time to pray! Sweet boy!!

Welcome to Tweetsie!

We were greeted by carolers when we arrived!! I love that!

Ready for some fun!!

We had to take a photo in front of the Tweetsie tree! I love Christmas trees!!

Happy Trails Toy Shop is adorable!! We had fun browsing around in there!

Cutie pie!

Brewer had fun hanging out in the general store, too!

There were so many festive Christmas things everywhere we turned! Including the Gingerbread Boy & Girl!

As it started to get dark, you could really see all the lights! They were so pretty!

Brewer loved pointing and talking to the animals!

I love that their little house also has Christmas lights!

We sat around the fire for a bit too! So cozy!!

With hot apple cider! My favorite!!

I love making memories like this with these two!!

And then, it was time for our train ride!

I’ll never forget the little wonder in his eyes!

We give Tweetsie Christmas a 10/10!

The train, the lights, the winter fires, apple cider, rides, animals, toy shops, carolers, and Christmas cheer- ahh! It just turned our Christmas spirit up a notch!

This is our little video recap of the day! I’ll never forget Brewer’s first train ride through Christmas wonderland!

**I’ll be back on the blog next Tuesday!**

3 thoughts on “Tweetsie Christmas

  1. Nicole says:

    These photos are just SO precious!!! I love how festive the train and all the lights look. And you all dressed so adorable for the occasion, it really could be on a Christmas card! What a beautiful memory you can hold onto forever!


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