Fab Friday

Welcome to my first, “Fab Friday” post of 2023!

I love choosing 5 items that I am currently loving & find so fabulous, to share with you all!

Yay! Here we go:

1. Bracelet Stack- Harry has been helping me build this bracelet stack for quite some time! All of these bracelets are by Julie Vos and they truly do hold their value! They do not tarnish at all!! Harry has been giving them to me one by one for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. He gave me the second one shown above, for Christmas! With Valentines Day coming up, I thought you may want to check them out too!

Stone Bracelets

Gold Bracelet

2. MacKenzie Child Tea Kettle- I have been wanting this teapot for SO long! My sweet mom surprised me with it for Christmas! It brings me so much joy seeing it on my stove each day! It’s worth investing in and would also make a great gift for Valentines Day or another special occasion!

MacKenzie Child Tea Kettle

3. Valentine Mug- Aww! I mentioned this cute mug in yesterday’s blog post! It would make a great gift for anyone this Valentines Day! It would also be a great gift for YOU to add some festiveness to your holiday!

4. Slippers– I also mentioned these comfy slippers in yesterdays blog post! They would make a great Valentines Day gift and they’re also just great for winter! They can be worn indoor/ outdoor and they look super cute too!


5. Cosmetic Bag- Would y’all believe me if I told you this bag is only $36??? I know, I know, it looks like a real LV bag! The inside is RED too! So pretty! My sister introduced me to this bag a long time ago after finding it on Amazon! Now I have one and I gifted them to other people in our family this past Christmas!

Cosmetic Bag


That wraps up this edition of, Fab Friday!

We have a very special boy to celebrate this weekend who is turning two! He also calls me, mommy! 🙂

*I’ll be back here on Monday!*

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