Tell All Tuesday: Albums & Journals

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!!!

Welcome to my first, “Tell All Tuesday” of 2023!

This time of year makes everyone think of organization and getting things in order, so today, I am sharing how I organize my albums and journals!!

I know we live in a very “tech savvy” world so lots of albums and journals are kept digital.

My blog is my digital scrapbook!! I love it so much! If Brewer wants to see the first time he rolled over, went to the beach, or what we did on a random Tuesday, it’s all right here on lol!

I do however, still enjoy keeping hard copy albums and hand written journals! I’m going to share today, how I keep/ organize those things at home!

Let’s start with how I keep my quiet time journals!

On the left, I have my Bible and a journal where I write down scripture, sermon notes, or things I want to remember from my morning devotional, etc. In the middle, you’ll see my devotional. On the right, I have a prayer journal. I love writing down prayers! Especially when I tell people, I’m praying for them, I write it down so that I don’t forget!

All of these things stay in my nightstand, right by my bed!

My Bible

Similar Note Journal

My Devotional

Similar Prayer Journal

Two more things that stay inside of my nightstand…

Brewer’s prayer journal- this journal was hand made for me by a former student of mine. I use it to write down prayers that I pray over Brewer and his life! I will give this to him later in life, maybe when he graduates or gets married!

Similar Prayer Journal for Baby

Letters to my son- I use this journal to write down random memories of Brewer that make me smile! I insert photos here and there, too. I hope it will also make him smile one day when I give it to him!

Letters to my Son Journal

Brewer’s baby book is also special to me! This holds his hospital bracelets, sonograms, measurements from each check- up, as well as, lots of baby firsts! This stays tucked away in his room!

Brewer’s Baby Book

I only have a couple of photo albums in the house! Our wedding album is one of those! I like having a hard copy to flip through every now and then. It brings me joy! It stays housed on a shelf in the living room!

Similar Photo Album

Here is a little peak inside! I made this 7 years ago when we got married, so it has actual prints that I slid into the pages! The little jingle bells at the top were used for send off at our wedding and a set of those, stay clipped in the album! 🙂

I made a one year photo book for Brewer’s first year of life! It was so easy to make on an app called Mixbook. It’s pretty thin too and it holds all of the special memories from birth to age 1! I plan to do this each year for Brewer! They’re not bulky at all and easy to organize around the house. This also stays on a shelf in the living room!


Here is a little peak inside!

It brings me joy to have hard copies like this around the house! Brewer also enjoys flipping through it with me! 🙂

And this is the back cover! 🙂


I keep all of our photos organized in the Dropbox app too! I have them organized by the year, big trips, birthdays, etc. That way, they are easy to find if needed for something!


That wraps up the first addition of, “Tell All Tuesday” for 2023! Do you have a special way of documenting/ organizing albums & journals?!

Feel free to leave a comment, below!

*I’ll be back on my blog next Wednesday!*

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