Life Lately

Hey Friends!!

I hope everyone’s first full week in December is off to a great start!

Today, I am blogging a bit of, life lately! I blog “life lately” posts quarterly throughout the year, so every 3ish months!

Let’s get caught up on all the things that have happened since September….

We had a fun fall season filled with all the leaves, pumpkins, and more! You can read about all of those things, here:

Fall 2022 Recap!

We had one cute little Woody for Halloween this year! It melted our hearts watching our very own Woody before our eyes! Brewer is Toy Story obsessed so there could not have been a more fitting costume!

Read all about that, here:


Brewer also made the cutest little giraffe I’ve ever seen at his sweet little church program’s Noah’s Ark Day!

He turned into his life size lovey! Lol! Lovey is still a very important member of the family!

We also did a little fall weekend getaway that you can read about, here:

Fall Weekend Getaway

A night out with the girls to see Carrie Underwood is always a good idea! Hands down, one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to!!

We also had the sweetest baby shower season for my sister! The first shower was in Clover with family & family friends!

She also had a baby shower in Southport with my brother in laws family/ family friends!

That was my first trip ever to Southport! It’s SO adorable!! It really is like a Nicholas Sparks story town! I’m so happy I got to tag along!

Her final shower was in Charlotte with all of her friends! I had the most fun planning & decorating for this shower with her friends!

Susie girl, the countdown is on! We can’t wait to meet you!!

Brewer also had another hair cut, but this time at a real Barber shop!

So sweet and handsome!

He loves crawling into the big bed these days!

And now, we are enjoying all of the holiday fun!!

You can find our Thanksgiving recap, below:

Thanksgiving Recap + Retail

We are having SO much fun experiencing the Christmas season through his sweet little eyes! 🥹

Our Christmas fun has consisted of a trip to Hendersonville see the Carle Sandburg home and play with the “goat goats,” Dickens of a Christmas, and a visit with Santa.. just to name a few!

Tis the season! It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year!

And that pretty much sums up life lately!

**I’ll be back on the blog next Tuesday!**

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