This & That Thursday

Hey, Hey!!

Welcome back to the blog for a little This & That Thursday!!

On these posts, I talk about a little bit of everything from the below list!

This week: I’m busy with some work tasks this week as we are coming to the end of quarter 2 for this school year! Report card time is always a bit busy! I’m also planning finishing touches for Brewer’s first birthday that is coming up soon!! What!!! Ahh! I can’t even begin to describe how excited and emotional I am, all in one!

Looking forward to: SNOW!!!! It’s supposed to snow in the Upstate area of SC this weekend and y’all I am SO EXCITED! Winter is one of my favorite seasons and snow is a BIG reason why!! This is sweet Brewer on his very first snow day last winter when he was only 2 weeks old!

Currently Dreading: I’m not really dreading anything at the moment but if I had to say something…. let’s go with those report cards! Lol

Reminiscing on: TEN days from today, Brewer turns ONE! I am all in my feels about how incredible this past year has been! I love this sweet baby boy more than I could ever express! Motherhood is the most incredible journey I’ve ever been on! I love it so, so much!!

Watching/ Reading: Let’s talk about what I’m reading! I am currently reading this book and y’all it’s just so good! Her faith is so admirable. I just love her heart for Jesus! It’s the most perfect book to start the year with! Madison talks about being disciplined and letting your faith drive all of your decisions! It’s soooo good!

Order her book (hardcover or kindle version), here: Made for This Moment by Madison Prewett

The other part of that question.. what I’m watching! The news of Bob Saget passing, has made me so sad. Full House was a huge part of my childhood and well.. Danny Tanner (Bob) just made that show! It wasn’t Full House without Danny! I’ve been watching Full House this week in memory of Bob! Ive always thought this cool house box with all the Full House series was one of the coolest things I owned! Lol! I hope my kids will want to watch it one day!

Listening to: If you open up Apple Music on my phone right now, this is what it looks like! Lots of Jesus and lots of country music! lol this is pretty much daily for me. From November 1st- December 26th, I listen to alllllll of the Christmas music! I miss it and occasionally, I’ll still listen to Christmas music (I’m that person) but for the most part, it’s Christian and Country genres on my playlist!

What’s on the Menu: Beef stew!! We have this item on the menu this week. This time of year is my favorite for warm, cozy, crock pot meals! Mmm! Anyone else?!

I’m Loving: My kindle!! I have wanted one for so long and Harry bought me one for Christmas! This is me reading Madison Prewett’s book (mentioned above) on my kindle!

Shop my kindle, here: Kindle 10th Edition

Weekend Vibes: Did I mention it’s supposed to snow this weekend!!! This is another photo from Brewer’s first snow when he was only two weeks old!! I can NOT wait to see him in the snow this weekend! He loves to be outside and I have a feeling he will love the snow too!

Bible Verse: “We can make our plans. But the Lord determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9

I am studying this verse in my prayer journal this week so I thought I’d share it here, too! 🙂

Alrighty friends, I’ll be back on the blog next week!! Follow me on Instagram if you don’t already and I’ll share some snow fun!!

Happy Friday Eve!! Have a great weekend!!

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