Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022!

What a year!

What an incredible year! 2021 is the year we became parents, the year we were given our sweet baby, boy Brewer!

He was born January 23rd, so he’s been here for the entire ride this year! It’s been amazing in every. single. way.

We love being Brewer’s parents! 2021 will always be super special for us!

Today, I am recapping our year by sharing a few exciting things that happened each month!


The month we were handed a beautiful, sweet, & precious 8.3 pound baby who forever changed our lives!

Brewer Anderson Cochran


Brewer celebrated his first Valentine’s Day. Nash celebrated his first birthday. I soaked up every single newborn snuggle possible. Brewer had newborn photos made!


I was soaking up every moment of maternity leave. Brewer went to church for the first time. He also celebrated his first St. Patrick’s Day. He looked so adorable at his 2 month check up!


Our first Easter with Brewer. I soaked up so many baby snuggles before returning back to work. Brewer’s first lake trip!


We attended a Kentucky Derby party that my sister hosted. Brewer was dedicated at church on my very first Mother’s Day. we celebrated Memorial Day with our little all American stud. Brewer learned how to roll over!


We enjoyed all the outdoor summer weather. (We went for tons of walks this entire year!) We showered Natalie & Tom at their couples shower. We had the sweetest family photos made that I will treasure forever. Harry celebrated his first Father’s Day!


We celebrated July 4th at home this year and Brewer had his first real sickness. We went on 2 beach trips. I went to Nashville for Natalie’s bachelorette trip. Brewer & I met some sweet new friends this month, Emily & Judson!


I started a new job this month teaching virtual! Harry & I had a little weekend get away for Chelsea & Scott’s bach weekend. I soaked up all of the last days of summer with Brew Brew!!


Hello fall! We started doing all of our fall traditions with Brewer this month. (Fun fact: Brewer loved that little tractor at Strawberry Hill so much that Santa found out & brought him, his very own tractor for Christmas!) Brewer had a check- up this month. We had a sweet little fall play date with friends where Brewer started CRAWLING!


I launched my photography business this month!! It has been so incredible! We continued with all the fall fun at pumpkin patches. We spent a fun weekend in Charleston for Chelsea & Scott’s wedding. We did lots of fun fall things with friends!


The month of thankfulness and boy did we have a lot to be thankful for! We celebrated our first Thanksgiving with our little turkey! We took family holiday photos. We attended a basketball game to see mine & Harry’s alma maters compete. We had a fun weekend in Greenville for Natalie & Tom’s wedding. We began all the Christmas fun!!


Sweet December! You were so special! We did ALL the Christmas things with our sweet boy! Harry also turned 30! So many fun holiday things happened this month and we loved every minute of it. I did a full blog post on all of our Christmas fun earlier this week!


It was the most special year in every way!

2021 will be hard to top! At the same time though, things keep getting sweeter & more fun with Brewer. We are so excited for what 2022 has in store!

From my family to yours, Happy New Year!!!

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