Motivation Monday: Be Still

Happy New Year!!!!

How did y’all ring in the new year?!

Harry & I had a low key night at home with our sweet baby! It was the BEST!

Harry & I were reminiscing on the fancy NYE nights out, just the two of us! We both agreed this is better!!

It’s sorta become a tradition that Harry & I eat Chinese food on NYE so we had take- out for the win!!

I think I buy a book for every. single. holiday!

I love holidays and my teacher heart loves books! So Brewer & I read this book before he went to sleep!

I can’t believe we have had sweet Brewer with us for almost an entire year! Ringing in the new year felt extra special with him with us this year!


It is only fitting that the first Monday of a brand new year is a motivation Monday post, right!!

I love a brand new year! It’s just a clean slate to set new goals, get into a new routine, etc!

Twice a year, I feel like I get a “fresh start” to regroup with a new routine: January 1st and the beginning of a new school year!

One of the things I look forward to most about a new year is a new quiet time plan! I typically have a devotional/ prayer journal that I will walk through for an entire year!

This year, I am incorporating both of these into my morning quiet time! They both had great reviews and at a glimpse, both seem really great!

Check them out, here:

52 Week Prayer Journal

Be Still Devotional


I say this often on the blog but there is truly nothing better than spending quiet time with Jesus!

I like to begin my day with quiet time with Jesus because He refills my soul and allows me to begin my day the best way possible!

Have you ever thought that.. what you do in your quiet time will mater when you’re in front of people! If you want positivity and you want to show others grace, kindness, and love, spend time each day with the one who is all of those things- Jesus!

For example, think about sports or a talent you pursue. The practice you put in during quiet times, will mater when you’re on the court or on stage in front of people!

Madison Prewett talks about this in her book, “Made for this Moment.” I just started reading her book and it’s SO good! It’s also crazy how her book + my two new devotionals, all begin by talking about stillness. God definitely has my attention!

Shop her book (hardcover or kindle version), here:

Made for this Moment by Madison Prewett

I also think about my relationship with Jesus just like my relationship with family and friends! You feel closer with people the more you spend time with them. It’s the same way with Jesus!


The new year is great for setting goals. Let your quiet time be number 1! Set a plan, get a devotional/ prayer journal, and spend time each day being “still” and in the word!

God will show up in big ways and teach you things that you didn’t know you were missing out on!


One thought on “Motivation Monday: Be Still

  1. Lisa Sanders says:

    Love your positive attitude and encouragement.
    Giving God all the Praise for a new year.
    Happy New Year to you and your family 🥳
    Love you 💖


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