Christmas Cheer

1 week til Christmas weekend!!


My shopping is (almost) done! I’m just adding finishing touches! Bring on all the Christmas cheer!

There are so many festive things happening during the month of December so I skipped over some of my usual monthly blog posts like: Motivation Monday, etc. in order to share all the Christmas Cheer!

Today, I’m going to cover a little bit of everything regarding Christmas fun! From holiday attire, party ideas, last minute gifts, and more!

How fun is this top for Christmas?!

Ladies, you can prime this and have it in time for Christmas next week!

Click, here: Holiday Top

Red cocktails with a green lime for holiday parties! Yes please!!

I made this cocktail recipe by MixandMatchMama this past weekend for a Christmas/ Birthday party I hosted for Harry’s 30th birthday!

This cocktail was so simple yet so YUM!


To make each drink (with alcohol), all you do is take each glass and add in one shot of vodka, about half a cup of cranberry juice, half a cup of Sprite or 7-Up, a squeeze of half a lime and load it down with ice and frozen cranberries.

I talked about Jammy Cocoa Christmas on my traditions blog post! This week, we made it happen with Brewer!

I love this tradition so much & having Brewer tag along this year made it even sweeter!

Jammy Cocoa Christmas: you must wear pajamas, you must drive to get a sweet treat, you must listen to Christmas music the entire time you’re in the car, & you must find some Christmas lights to look at while you’re out!

Brewer was a big fan!!

Last minute gift ideas!! This is for my local peeps! I’ve still had people reaching out about photography gift cards for their loved ones for Christmas!

There really is not a better gift than captured memories with loved ones that you can treasure forever!

Check out my photography page here:

Kristen Cochran Photography

Please reach out if you have any questions!


I’ll leave you with some of our family Christmas photos:

Okay, those are a few fun, festive things for your Friday!

I hope y’all have a very, Merry weekend!

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