The one where Harry turns 30!

Our #1 guy has joined me in the 30 club today!

Harry is the easiest person to celebrate! I’ve never met anyone like him, ever. He is truly one in a million!

This past weekend, I threw him a surprise Christmas party with his closest friends & brothers to celebrate him turning the big 3-0!

Harry’s brothers planned a guys day in Greenville while I prepped for the party!

He thought I was celebrating Christmas with my friends this day! LOL! He was totally thrown off!

They made it back to Spartanburg and I sent Harry to run a couple of errands, like pick up diapers & wine haha! Nothing out of the ordinary! This gave his brothers time to get to our house before him!

He walked in the door and was SO surprised to see his friends and everyone here!

It was a night of appetizer foods, Christmas cocktails, & a white elephant gift exchange!


Today, in honor of Harry turning 30, I thought I’d share pictures from the past year along with 30 reasons why he’s the greatest!

He of course has no idea I’m writing this blog post! Lol, he will find out later and be mad at me but that’s okay! 🙂

1. Harry loves Jesus! Before we started dating he told me, “I have a relationship with Jesus and the way I treat you will always be a reflection of that.” He has always honored that!

2. He is an amazing husband! He loves me so well!

3. He took on the role of dad this year and he’s amazing at it!

4. He always helps with household chores and does not complain!

5. He makes Brewer laugh out loud ALL the time!

6. He always makes sure his family is taken care of!

7. I love his passion for always wanting to be outdoors!

8. I love his passion for sports! I can’t wait to see him throwing the ball with Brewer!

9. He comes home from work and immediately helps with Brewer!

10. Harry is a very hard worker!

11. I mean.. he’s great to look at too!

12. Harry is so humble!

13. He always plans fun date nights for us!

14. He is loyal and honest!

15. He loves people!

16. He is an old soul! So easy going!

17. He makes each day count with his family!

18. He never minded being on night shift with me when Brewer was born!

19. I love that he is spontaneous! Always willing to jump in the car and take a day trip!

20. He proposed on Halloween which was totally unexpected and now he helps make every Halloween fun!

21. He goes along with all of my festive adventures like jammy cocoa Christmas!

22. He always puts his family first!

23. Harry can be a perfectionist! He wants to make sure everything is done right which balances out my “everything is fine, relax” mentality! Lol

24. He loves Christmas as much as I do! we had a Christmas wedding & honeymooned at the Grove Park! We make it a tradition to visit each year, now!

25. He always checks in on his people! He loves our family & friends so much!

26. He will do anything for anyone at a moments notice!

27. He is a role model for Brewer to look up to! Harry loves that little baby SO much!!

28. Our lives are very social and he’s always willing to do all the things & make fun memories!

29. He also loves to stay home and have “at home” date nights with our little family! Those are our favorite!

30. I love Harry the most because he is just my best friend! He sees us at our best and our worst, and loves us the same!


Brewer & I love you to the moon and back! Can’t wait to celebrate you today!!

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