Cheers to 6 Years!

And just like that, we have been married for 6 whole years!

Being married to this guy is so much fun!

Harry is patient, he is kind, and he is the definition of what the Bible tells us love is!

I love doing life with my best friend!


This year felt extra special as we became parents and we have almost accomplished our first year of parenthood! It’s been such an incredible year!

Today, I am going to do a little anniversary recap! It feels like a dear diary day!

It was a simplistic yet special day that I always want to remember.


I woke up to this little morning surprise!

I gifted Harry a festive green shirt that he wore to church that morning!

We began our 6th anniversary the best way I know how! We had our Christmas service at church to celebrate all the glory that Jesus has given us!

I love that we got married at Christmas time! It really is the most magical time of year in my opinion and it’s all surrounding the birth of our Savior! What a special time of year!

After church, we headed home to spend the entire afternoon with our Brew Brew!

Brewer is our biggest and best gift, ever!

As we reflect on 6 years of marriage, we have accomplished a lot: degrees, careers, a house, dogs, trips, countless memories, etc.

Brewer is by far the greatest! It’s so rewarding to be his parents and I couldn’t think of a better partner to parent with than Harry!

That evening, we took Brewer on a little winter walk!

Then, we did something we have never done before.. We ate dinner at home on our wedding china!

It was so special to us and I can’t think of a better anniversary for that, than the year we became parents!

We had salad, steak, sweet potatoes, & red wine for dinner!

Peep.. the baby monitor on the table between our fine China lol!


After dinner, we watched a Christmas movie!

And that’s how we celebrated year 6!

So simple yet a sweet day that I will always remember!

Here’s to many, many more!!

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