Home for Christmas!

It’s the holiday season.. doo, doo, doo!! I’m singing all the Christmas carols in my head & out loud these days!

It’s my very favorite time of year!!

I love all the holidays! I’m big on holidays! I love all things festive & fun!

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday for so many reasons! First & foremost, the meaning of Christmas and celebrating Jesus is my favorite! I love all the traditions, the coziness, the decorations, the parties, the family & friend time, and so much more!

Harry & I got married the week of Christmas because we truly believe it’s the most magical time of year! Harry also has a birthday around Christmas & now Brewer has a cozy winter birthday in January!

Okay, so that sums up why I love this time of year so much! Today, I’m bringing you inside for my annual holiday home tour!

Welcome to our little winter wonderland!

I have collected Christmas decor little by little over the years & it came from a variety of places, mostly home good stores!

The reindeer out front make me so happy!

I made these little garage light wreaths!

Let’s go inside!

Our entry way!

You would smell all the holiday scents if you were here!

Our little mantle with stockings, garland, & nutcrackers!

The extra stocking with Brewer’s name this year melts my heart!

Oh Christmas tree!

We started a tradition to collect meaningful Christmas ornaments when we got married! We collect ornaments when we travel, visit new places, something new happens in our family, etc.

This is my new favorite ornament!

Home sweet home!

The pup pups sure are cozy!

We just got our ottoman back this week from being reupholstered! Ekk! So excited!

And look what gets to sit on top of it this holiday season! The very best gift we could ever receive this year, our sweet baby boy!

Cozy pillows just speak to me!

My mother in law gave me the nativity scene with pregnant Mary last Christmas when I was pregnant with baby, boy Brewer!

The table is set!

Christmas China also makes my heart happy!

I added some ornaments inside of the China cabinet too!

24 days til Christmas!

Festive wine glasses thanks to a sweet friend!

The kitchen island is also set!

All the lights at night time give me all the warm, fuzzy feelings!

More garland & lights above the kitchen cabinets!

They go all the way around the kitchen!

I believe this snowman cookie jar was a wedding gift!

I love seeing homemade decor by Brewer around the house!

Merry & Bright! Plus candles in all the windows! Those also make my little traditional heart happy lol!

That completes our kitchen decor!

Welcome to our room!

Cozy nook for reading…

…a cozy Christmas book!

A splash of Christmas over here… peep my wedding bouquet!

We added a little tree to our room this year! The photo on the right is our Christmas trip to New York two years ago!

This is always my favorite room in the house, Brewer’s room!

Baby’s first Christmas!

Brewer’s dresser!

Hi Santa!

My mom brought him all kinds of Baby’s first Christmas surprises, including this little snowman!

I love rocking Brewer to sleep each night in this little spot!

Brewer’s sweet little tree!

I’m also loving all the Christmas books I’m getting to read with Brewer these days!

We have Rudolph & Snoopy from, A Charlie Brown Christmas on display! We love all the Charlie Brown holiday shows! I spy an elf too!

So many Christmas stuffed animals! He’s obsessed with the singing Rudolph!

Welcome to my office/ guest room!

I’ve used this tree with the bright ornaments in my classroom for years so it is now in my home office space!

Oh what fun!

We added little touches like this to the bathrooms!

One more reminder that it’s Christmas in the hallway!

I spy a teeny tiny tree in the laundry room!

Plus this little snowman hanging around!

Not a lot of Christmas decor going on out back! I do love cozy lanterns though and the fire pit this time of year!

Thank y’all for dropping by our home this holiday season!

If you have any specific questions about decor pieces, please ask! I may be able to help!

I just love how cozy everyone’s homes are this time of year! Ahh! Okay, now I want to watch a Christmas movie and make hot chocolate!

Anyone else?!

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