Thanksgiving Recap

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had the best Thanksgiving with their loved ones!

Today, I am recapping our Thanksgiving!

This year was wonderful because Harry & I both had an entire week off work! We soaked up every moment with this little turkey!

We had Thanksgiving round 1 at my sister & brother in law’s house in Charlotte the Sunday before Thanksgiving!

We kicked off the week with family, appetizers, football, & bonfires!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Brewer had his 10 month check- up! This turkey weighed 23 pounds!! Woah!

Harry & I did some Christmas shopping together that week!

We had a lot of family time at home!

I hope Brewer always wants to read his Bible! This baby boy sure is a gift from the Lord and we are so thankful!

The night before Thanksgiving…

…we read, “How to Catch a Turkey!”

Thanksgiving morning, Harry made us breakfast and we started the day with a favorite tradition- The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!

We love all the Charlie Brown holiday shows & movies!

We headed to Clover that afternoon for Thanksgiving dinner & family fun!

Brewer & Uncle Ethan (EE)

Someone forgot his table manners! LOL!

We are so thankful. SO, SO thankful!

This was Brewer & I the morning after Thanksgiving! We cuddled & watched Christmas movies most of the day. I ventured out & did a little bit of shopping too!

Saturday, Brewer & his daddy were ready to cheer on the Gamecocks (even if they did lose! oh well!)

We had a fire with bbq & s’mores! Perfect weekend!


My boys!

Sunday, we had a very chill, low- key family day!

After Brewer went to bed, Harry & I had a glass of wine and watched a classic!


We have so much to be thankful for this year! I can’t even find the right words to describe the blessing that Brewer is to us!

We are just so beyond grateful to be his parents!


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