Our Favorite Christmas Traditions!

Happy Friday Eve, Everyone!!

Only 17 days til Christmas! Ahh! I love the Christmas season and count down soooo much!

There are so many festive things happening and it’s all surrounding the birth of our savior! It really is the most magical time of year!

Today, I wanted to share some of our favorite Christmas traditions with you all! We have so many that we love so today, I am sharing a few favs!

1. Decorating

I begin every Christmas season by decorating to put me in the holiday spirit! There’s just something about a cozy house decorated for Christmas! We also love walking the neighborhood and seeing Christmas lights or driving to new places to see the lights!

You can find my home decked for the holidays, here: Home for Christmas

2. Dickens of a Christmas

This is one of our favorite annual traditions! We always get dinner at our favorite spot on our town square then we walk outside to Dickens of a Christmas! Our town turns into a Christmas wonderland. There are carolers, lights, carriage rides, goodies, Santa, the annual Christmas tree lighting, and so much more! I feel like I’m in a Christmas storybook at this annual event! Attend one of your town’s annual holiday events and it will for sure put you in the Christmas spirit!

3. The Nutcracker

My best friend AnnaVee & I turned this into an annual Christmas bestie night! Every year we go see the local ballet for the nutcracker performance! Each year, we get dinner before or after, and drink so much wine! Lol! It is my favorite girls night event that I look forward to each & every year! Seriously, take your bestie and go do something festive! You will make the best memories and turn the night into an annual holiday tradition!

The picture of AnnaVee & I above is from a previous year! 🙂

4. Jammy CoCoa Christmas

I adopted this tradition that I read about on another blog many years ago! This is now my favorite tradition for my little family! Okay, you have to put on pajamas, drive to a local coffee shop, eat a sweet treat & drink coffee/ hot cocoa! And you HAVE to listen to Christmas music the whole way there and back! Find some Christmas lights while you’re out too! So simple. So festive. So fun! It’s my favorite!!

One year, we went to Krispy Kreme! Yummm!

5. Special Dinner & Birthday Cake for Jesus

I’ve said that every tradition is my favorite (and I’m not lying- they’re all my favorites) but this one is SO special to me and the most important! It’s my favorite, favorite! Leading up to Christmas, I like to pause and have a little Christmas dinner with Harry and this year, Brewer! After dinner, we have a birthday cake to celebrate Jesus + read about the birth of Jesus together in our Bibles + pray!

Christmas is amazing for all of the jolly & festiveness but don’t forget why we do this! It’s because we have a savior who’s name is Jesus! Make sure you’re not missing the meaning of Christmas this year! Make it a tradition to set aside time with your loved ones to really focus on the reason for the season!


Okay, those are some of my favorite Christmas traditions! Now please, tell me your favorite traditions! I love adding new, fun things to our list!

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