This & That Thursday

Happy Thursday Friends!!

I hope y’all are having a GREAT week!

I am officially on summer break as of Tuesday afternoon!! I know it sound’s weird saying that because in a way, it feels like I’ve been on break much longer than that due to COVID. But if you’re a teacher, you know that we have all been busy behind the scenes doing end of the year paperwork, reaching out to students, going through packets, packing up classrooms, etc!

Now it is officially SUMMER BREAK!! WOOOHOOO!!



Okay, now to today’s post! Each time I do a “This & That Thursday” post, I talk about all of the things from the list above!


This week: Monday was Memorial Day! We spent last weekend at the lake for Memorial Weekend and then on Monday, we went to visit my family in Clover! Look at my sweet niece, Eleanor!! I love her so much!!

Tuesday, we wrapped up the end of the school year. The rest of the week has been spent mostly inside due to the weather! I’ve been doing little projects around the house!


Looking Forward to: SUMMER!! I’m officially on SUMMER BREAK!! Bring on the fun and sunshine!!


Currently Dreading: Nothing right this moment! I do need to wash the sheets/ comforter on the bed today. I guess you could say I’m dreading that. I just don’t like putting the fitted sheet back on the bed! LOL.. anyone else?!


Reminiscing On: This week marked a year since my MeMe left earth to be in Heaven! We miss her SO, SO much!! I wrote a blog post on our MeMe that you can find, here: MeMe: The Most Precious Soul I Have Ever Known


Watching/ Reading: I’m not watching any shows at the moment. I tried to get into The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart… I just couldn’t! Speaking of The Bachelor though.. I reread Emily Maynard’s book this month. I actually read the entire thing over Memorial Weekend. I needed a book to take to the lake and I didn’t have a new one so I grabbed that book. I just love it so much! She talks about how she said yes to so many things (specifically 2 proposals on national TV) and neither worked out. The ultimate and most life changing thing that she said YES to, is a relationship with Jesus! Seriously, if you’re in need of a good book, this one is a fav!!

Shop this book, here: I Said Yes


Listening to: At the moment, I’m listening to dogs bark and play! LOL! Ace & Nash have come a long way. They really do have the cutest relationship. Ace is always gentle and loving with Nash. The only time he growls at Nash is if, Nash tries to wake Ace up while he’s sleeping! haha!

This photo was from the lake this past weekend!


What’s on the Menu: Disclaimer.. I love going to the grocery store on Sundays. Well, since we were out of town this past Sunday, we never went grocery shopping. We have been creating random meals with the groceries we already had + we did have Chick Fil A one night! MY FAVORITE!


I’m Loving: I’m kind of digging these mom jeans from Southern Charm Gifts! Haha! I never thought I’d like pants like these BUT when I put them on, they were so comfy and flowy. Wear them with a tight fitted shirt and they’ll look fab!! If you live local, check out my sweet friend Emily’s, boutique!!


Weekend Vibes: Tomorrow, AnnaVee & I are going to venture into Greenville! Maybe grab dinner and do some house shopping! I love decorating my house at the same time as my girlfriends! We bounce ideas off each other and it’s just SO fun!


Bible Verse: This is my favorite Bible verse of all time! If you have a moment, I encourage you to read through this story in the Bible with Esther!


I hope y’all have a great weekend!!


2 thoughts on “This & That Thursday

  1. Lisa Ramp says:

    You are so interesting.
    You are a person who enjoys life and makes a good day out of every day.
    And I agree all days are special because God gives them to us.
    Have a great summer and I will be waiting on your next post 💖


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