MeMe: The Most Precious Soul I have ever Known

I can’t believe it’s already been a week without MeMe here on Earth.


I’m truly overwhelmed with the love and support my family was shown this past week. MeMe was a very special lady and loved by many. I heard countless stories this week at her visitation, funeral, and by visitors who came by her home. All the stories began with, “MeMe…” because everyone knew her as MeMe.


So who is MeMe?

MeMe is the most precious soul I have ever known.


She grew up in Gaston County and moved to Clover when she married my PaPaw. They were married for more than 50 years before she passed.


MeMe was a beautician and loved doing hair, making others feel beautiful.


At home, MeMe loved to be outside planting flowers or in the kitchen cooking.


Above all of those things, Meme loved her family! Family was the most important thing to her. She would do anything in the world for her family and I know that because I witnessed it.


I grew up right across the street from my MeMe and PaPaw. I also lived next door to my great grandmother (PaPaw’s mom) who passed 6 years ago. I spent more time at their homes than my own home. I was very fortunate to grow up with such loving and supportive grandparents.


Growing up, MeMe & PaPaw always made sure their family was taken care of. None of their grandchildren ever had babysitters because we stayed at their house.


On many occasions, we went to the beauty shop with MeMe while she worked.


She loved her grandchildren dearly! She always let us stay the night with her, if we went grocery shopping with her- she let us pick out whatever we wanted, she never missed any of our sporting events or programs, she took us anywhere we needed to go, and she always provided a safe haven for us. If anything in life ever got us down, we could always go to her house and feel secure.


She was also a MeMe to other kids in the community. She loved on all of our friends, all of the neighborhood children, and many others who came to her house. Growing up, there was one kid in the neighborhood who came to her house for breakfast and a ride to school in the mornings. He even had his own toothbrush at her house.


MeMe was simply the best! She is in all of my family memories, including beach vacations!


Anything my family did growing up, included my grandparents!


Over the last 4 (ish) years, an awful disease called dementia crept into MeMe’s life and body. We watched her mind slowly slip away over the years and eventually it took over her entire body.


It’s a really painful thing to watch a loved one go through. I pray that no one has to experience this terrible disease.


We miss MeMe beyond words could ever tell but I know that she is resting in the arms of Jesus and her mind/ body are completely healed.


Our faith in Jesus is going to allow us to be together in heaven one day! The pain of loosing MeMe really hurts but I truly rely on my faith in situations like this. I don’t know how one would get through the loss of a loved one without faith in Jesus.

I trust in Him alone.



Other memories of MeMe include:


More beach trips!




Fun times at our favorite local restaurant- The Clover Grill


Halloween Fun!

17Growing up, we would have big Halloween parties each year with food, music, dancing, and costumes!




Spartanburg Methodist Graduation!


Wedding dress shopping!


My Wedding Day


Mom’s Wedding Day


This picture was taken on the last mountain trip that we took with MeMe, almost 2 years ago.


MeMe use to always say this was her favorite picture! This is my cousin Steve, my sister, and I. Before all of the younger grandchildren were born, it was always the 3 of us! I’m sure she loved pulling us in that little red wagon!


Fun Fact: I know the proper way to spell MeMe is M-i-M-i. However, when we were kids, we always spelled her name M-e-M-e and over the years it stuck!


MeMe, was the rock in our family! She held everything together and went above and beyond for everyone. There are truly no adequate words to describe how great she was!

MeMe, we love you! Please watch over us in the days and weeks to come!


5 thoughts on “MeMe: The Most Precious Soul I have ever Known

  1. cathy knight says:

    Beautiful tribute to a precious friend and neighbor. So sorry for your loss. She will always be always be a part of our neighborhood. Love you and your family. You all are in my prayers.


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