That’s a Wrap for This School Year!


Wow! What a school year!!

Despite how it ended, it was a sweet, sweet year filled with lots of learning, love, laughter, and memories!


I love to do a recap at the end of each school year so I can look back and see how the school year grew me, be reminded of the things it taught me, and always remember the sweet little ones who were a part of my every day life this year!

We spend SO much time with these kiddos that they really do feel like my own! People often ask, “Do you have children?” Well technically no, but technically YES! I have 18 kiddos who I spend lots of time with!!

You see, the classroom isn’t just about learning academics. We learn social skills like how to be a good friend, how to share, how to be patient, how to put our jackets on, and so much more!!


I love this team who I teach with!! Just like we get to know our students so well, we also get to know each other really well! We spend so much time together and I can learn something from each & every one of these ladies!


I say this all the time but I could never do what I do without my assistant! She is my rock at work each day!! We work hard, build each other up, share pieces of our personal lives, we laugh.. oh yes, WE LAUGH! Haha! Sherrie makes work fun for me each day!


This school year had it’s challenges and it also had lots of good times!

Just to name a few memories that stand out from this year:

-Going to the pumpkin patch & experiencing those memories through the eyes of 4 year olds!

-Celebrating with students when they learned all of their letters/ sounds!

-At the beginning of the year, I had a sweet little student pour a bucket of water in my sand table. (sigh!!) Talk about a mess but it was maybe day 3 of school so how could I be upset! On top of it, my principal walked in the room during this incident! Lol, she totally understands the minds of 4 year olds!

-Each year, we have students who love to make us pictures and bring them to school! I think we collected the most pictures from this class. My art work from these students, hung in the room, as tall as the ceiling!!ย 

I could really go on and on about the sweet memories from this group of kiddos!


And then Covid- 19 arrived….

That was challenging.


My assistant and I didn’t want to see the school year end this way. We decided to surprise all of the kiddos at their houses to give them end of the year gifts!

This is such a sweet age where school and teachers mean a lot! The students also mean a lot to us!! We are grateful that their parents let us come by and give them one last hug!!


This group is filled with lots of creativity! They all have bright futures ahead and I’m thankful and we got to assist in starting a foundation for their educational careers!!


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