Fab Friday


Happy Friday!!!

I hope everyone had a great week! I’m back today to share some of my current, favorite things!! If you’re new to Fab Friday posts, I basically talk about 5 things that I currently find FABULOUS!


1. Biotin Gummies – Let’s talk about these first! I have told y’all before that I have used the “sugar bear hair” gummies. Yes, I liked them and yes, I definitely think they work!

Well.. I recently discovered these gummies on Amazon. They look just like sugar bear hair gummies, right? I compared the supplement facts to sugar bear hair and they are identical! Bonus: these gummies are a lot cheaper!!

I started using them this summer and I can definitely tell a difference! My hair stylist actually couldn’t believe how much my hair had grown the last time I was at the salon!!

Click here: Biotin Gummies


2. Revlon: One Step Hair Dryer – I am obsessed with this hair dryer!! I’ve always been terrible with blow drying my hair and using a round brush at the same time, to acheive the “blow- out” look. Well, this hair dryer is a two in one! It’s a round brush that also blow drys your hair at the same time!

I usually curl my hair because a hair straightener is just so bad for your hair. Well.. I discovered this hair dryer and now I can wear my hair straight when I feel like it without using a hair straightener! It smoothes, straigthens, flips in my ends, and really does give you that “blow- out” look!

Also.. this hair dryer is quick!! I’m done in less than 5 minutes! Seriously.. I always let my hair air dry half way and after I turn this on, my hair is dry in less than 5 minutes!

Click here: Revlon: One Step Hair Dryer


3. 34 Degrees Crackers – YUM! So a while back, my brother in law’s girlfriend introduced me to these crackers! They are thin, come in a variety of flavors, and they’re only 5 calories a cracker!! Say what!!

I’m sure you can get these at a Whole Foods or a Trader Joes but I don’t live near either of those places, so I discovered them on Amazon. They have been SO perfect for wine, cheese, and cracker nights! I usually do some sort of cheese board during the bachelor on Monday night and these have been my go- to crackers lately!

I ordered the variety pack on Amazon to try them all! I only open one pack at a time so they do not go stale. So far, I have not found a flavor that I don’t like!

Click here: 34 Degrees Crackers


4. Nude Bow- Tie Sandals – I have LIVED in these sandals ALL summer!! They’re made out of the jelly material so they have been perfect for the beach, the lake, and the pool.

They’re also cute and stylish so, I’ve been able to slip them on to go run errands, grab lunch with friends, and so much more! I’m not kidding when I say, I wear these all the time!

The low price is just a bonus and they come in a variety of colors! I don’t think I’ll stop wearing these anytime soon!

Click here: Nude Bow- Tie Sandals


5. LN Calligraphy- If you have been following my blog for a while, did anyone notice my new banner?! It was time for a change so I worked with Ellen from LN Calligraphy to create a new banner for my blog as well as a new signature (see below!)

I love it!! I told her about my pastel color scheme I have going on over here and she created this fun look for my blog! Blue & gold are my favorites!!

Check her out on Instagram at ln_calligraphy!


That’s all for today! I hope y’all have a GREAT weekend!

See you next week!


One thought on “Fab Friday

  1. LaNese Harvey says:

    I have seen a few ppl how much they love the Revlon: One-Step Hair Dryer. I am a little skeptical because I have naturally thick and curly hair so idk if it will work for me. If you’re interested in other fashion/beauty posts, feel free to check out my blog http://www.clatchetchronicles.com 🙂


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