Back to School

August 12th, already?!

Cute Back to School theme bunting

I can’t believe today was my first day back at work! It was so fun to see everyone again and catch up! I love my work fam!

Today’s post is all about, “back to school” things including work attire, routines, and lunch ideas!


Let’s start with work attire!



I wore this leapord print dress for my first day back and these were the best photos I could get at 6:45 AM this morning! LOL (photo credit goes to my sweet husband)

I love wearing a dress when I can because just like jumpsuits, it’s only ONE piece of clothing! I don’t have to steam two separate items. Plus this dress is also soft and easy to move around in!

You can find the dress here: Leapord Print, Knit Dress

Shop my shoes, here: Brown Wedges

I’m also linking some more dresses that would be super comfortable for work:

*Click the links beneath pictures!*


Floral Wrap Dress


Blue Knit Dress


Long Knit Dress


Now let’s talk work pants! Over the years, I’ve bought work pants in a variety of colors to have in my closet! Having different colors, helps me create lots of different outfits!


I love, love, love JCrew work pants! I feel like I can wash them over and over without the appearance of them changing! This pair comes in a variety of colors!

Petite High Rise Pants


High Waisted Slim Pants

I also like this pair and they come in different neutral colors!


I linked several work attire tops in the LIKEtoKNOWit app recently!

You can find a couple of them below:


Blush Top


Cap Sleeve Blouse


This is one of my FAVORITE tops! I wish I had a link for it. If you live local, you can shop this top at Southern Charm Boutique in Inman, SC!


Okay, now let’s talk routines!


I am not the best at following a routine to get ready for work or when I come home in the afternoon. I’m going to try my best to be better at that this year!

(Side note: if you catch me at work or any other teacher at work, it is ROUTINE, ROUTINE, ROUTINE, all. day. long! This is so important when working with children!!)

The biggest thing that does help me, is staying organized!!

 I write everything down so that I’m not scatter brained!

I did a blog post a year & 1/2 ago about tips to stay organized! Check that out here: Tell All Tuesday: Tips on Staying Organized

Not much about that blog post has changed except my grocery shopping day! I now go to the grocery store on Sundays OR I do grocery pick- up!


Shop my planner here: Day Designer Planner


Okay, let’s get to lunch ideas!


This is something else I can be super SLACK about! I want to get better at making lunches for the work day!

A few ideas:

-Pasta salad! In the past, I’ve made a big bowl on Sunday, that way, I have it during the week!

-Grill chicken on a Sunday and have that to put on top of a salad during the week!

-Change up my idea of a sandwich! Taking the time to add lettuce or cut a tomato to add to a sandwich for lunch during the week, can make a big difference!

-Toward the end of the year last year, I started taking Special Kay cereal to work along with a banana to cut up and put in my cereal!

Okay.. clearly, this is an area I need help in! Send me your lunch ideas!!


Alrighty, that’s all for today! Catch me back on the blog later this week!


P.S. You can find me in the LIKEtoKNOWit app, if you haven’t already! Somtimes, I’ll post good deals I find over there instead of a blog post! It’s just a quick and easy app to use! I did a post on how to use the app. You can find that here: Find me on the LIKEtoKNOWit app

Have a great week!!

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