Dallas Recap

Today’s blog post is all about our Dallas, TX recap!

Harry had the pleasure of being a groomsmen in one of his best friends, Nick’s, wedding this past weekend. We had the opportunity to spend several days in Dallas where the wedding was taking place and we had an absolute blast!


Did I mention this was my first time EVER flying? I know, I know.. where have I been. haha! I grew up in a very small town and flying was just not something that we did.


Not the best quality photo! My first time flying was awesome though!! On the way to Dallas, I learned what was normal as far as sounds, beeps, and shakiness that you’re suppose to feel in a plane, therefore, it made the flight back a lot easier because I knew what to expect. (I can’t wait to fly again!!) Harry’s parents were also traveling with us!


We arrived in Dallas Thursday afternoon. We stayed at The Lumen hotel in Dallas and it was awesome! After getting settled into the hotel, we walked to a near by mexican restaurant called Diggs for lunch.

We spent time with friends who were in town and later that evening, the wedding party and their dates had dinner at the hotel restaurant and after, we went to a piano bar in Dallas! The picture above is the only photo I took that evening. #bloggerfail


On Friday morning, we began our day with Harry’s parents at the John F. Kennedy Museum in Dallas. What a history lesson!! If you ever get the chance to visit Dallas, put this on your itinerary.


Next up, we had lunch at Mi Cocina, another mexican restaurant! Give me all of the Tex Mex!! For real though! This place was amazing!! I kept saying, where can I find mexican food like this at home!!


Next stop: we visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum! Another “must see” if you’re visiting Dallas.


The museum had sections that were decorated identical to the way the Bush family decorated The White House at Christmas time!! There were so many beautiful Christmas decorations to look at!


Since George W. Bush was president during 9/11, there was a lot to see in regards to 9/11. This piece here was part of the twin towers. It gave me chills to read and learn more about all that happened that day. I pray our country never experiences a day like that ever again.

The museum did an amazing job of making you feel like you were part of George W. Bush’s presidential journey! I learned so so much just from visiting the museum!


Friday night was rehearsal time!!


The rehearsal dinner was held at a place called Iron Cactus in up town Dallas!


Some of the guys Harry grew up with who flew into Dallas!


The three best friends!!!


On Saturday, Harry was with the guys at Top Golf and getting ready for the evening. I went shopping with Harry’s parents and our friend Emily who was also in town! We went into Highland Park for a little shopping and we had lunch at a cute little sandwich/ cupcake shop!


Then, it was wedding time! The ceremony was held at the chapel at SMU!


I had the best wedding date!


My in-laws are so fun to travel with!!


Harry, Luke, and Hudson were all groomsmen! (Luke, Hudson, and Nick were also in our wedding) I love Harry’s close group of friends! I’d say the guys have good dates too. πŸ˜‰


Emily, Teighlor, and I


Then, we headed to The Dallas Country Club for the reception


It was a beautiful evening!


Teighlor and I teased these two all weekend!! If you can’t find Harry, look for Luke and if you can’t find Luke, look for Harry. Seriously though! Their friendship is the sweetest LOL!!


We’re the wives!!


Cocky made an appearance at the wedding!!


Cheers to the newlywed couple!! Mary Grace and Nick, your wedding was beautiful and you two make an even more beautiful couple!! We love you and are so happy for both of you!!


What a fun evening! We had the best trip with the best family and friends!!


Sunday morning, on our flight home, I caught this photo from above, of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium!!


I love seeing God’s masterpiece from this angle!! So. Amazing!

I hope you enjoyed the recap! I’ll be back on the blog later this week!


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