Tell all Tuesday: New Year Goals!


It is my first blog post of the new year!

How did everyone ring in 2019?!

Last night, my sister and her boyfriend, Logan came to Spartanburg to ring in the new year with us! We had champagne and appetizers at our house before heading to dinner at The Standard! After dinner, we went to Level 10 at the new AC hotel in Spartanburg. The hotel hosted a New Years Eve bash! It was so fun! Right before midnight, we headed home to watch the ball drop! It was the perfect way to ring in 2019!!




As I type this, I am currently sitting at the lake starring at the mountains thinking about new year goals! There is something about being surrounded by mountains that brings me to peace, dares me to dream, and humbles me!

These are my top 5 new year goals:


  1. The first goal that comes to mind every year is growing my relationship with God. I believe everything else in life will align if you’re right with God first! Some days, I do really good with having my quiet time and being in the word and other days, I get in a hurry and I fail. So my number one goal is to make more time for that every. single. morning. I prefer mornings because I want my quiet time with Jesus to set the tone for my day!


2. Like most people, I want to work out and eat healthier. I have found that “diets” and strict routines do not work well for me. I’ll do good for a week or so and stop. So this year, I just want to have a healthier lifestyle vs. cutting all things out that I enjoy. I’m going to do better with planning healthy meals for the week when I go to the grocery store and of course still buy some of the things that we enjoy eating every now and then. I am also joining the gym! Wow. can’t believe I just said that! It’s been forever! But I am also so excited for this. When I am working out and eating healthy, I feel so good! Who doesn’t want to feel good, right!


3. I want to make my bed every single morning. HA. I know I should be doing that already but y’all.. I leave the house before sunrise and I’m usually a hot mess in the mornings. So like goal number 1, I want to start waking up early to have time to do these things every. single. morning. Something about having the bed made in the morning, also sets the tone for a good day!


4.  So I’ve had a random “to- do” list in my planner for a while now that has random things on it such as: have some old t-shirts made into a t- shirt quilt, organize photos at home, update our address list for people we send mail to, etc. That list is going to get checked off in the near future!! LOL


5. Read one book a month!! I have days where I love reading and other days where I don’t want to read. So I’m challenging myself to read one book a month! I think that is very manageable! I would like to start reading a few minutes every night before bed to help me unwind vs. being on my phone just scrolling at stuff I know I’ve already seen!



That’s my top 5! Aside from the 5 things listed above, I want to make each day count. When I go to bed at night, I want to feel accomplished. That can mean I worked hard at my job, I spent time with the ones I love the most, I did something new, I made a fun memory, etc. I want to earn my sleep at night!



There is something cool about starting a new year. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start and to leave anything toxic behind and set new goals! I’m excited to get this year started!

What are some of your goals for the new year? I love hearing other peoples ideas!! Let me know in the comment section below!


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Thank y’all so much for following along with me! I’m looking forward to a great year!! May the new year fill you with love, peace, good health, and many fun memories!



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