The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hi everyone!!

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones this week!


Today, I am recapping our Christmas with our families!!



We began our Christmas weekend festivities on Saturday morning by heading up to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville with Harry’s family! This is hands down, my favorite place to visit at Christmas time!


We had lunch at their restaurant called the Blue Ridge. We scored rocking chairs in front of the fire place while we were waiting!

After lunch, we walked around and looked at the gingerbread houses! I mean.. I struggle making a gingerbread house that comes in a box with directions from the grocery store. How in the world do people make these?? So talented!!


We took a family picture before we left! Not only was it the perfect way to begin the Christmas weekend, but we were also celebrating John Clark’s birthday! He turns the big 3-0 at the end of this month!!



On Sunday, we headed to the Panther’s game! I hate we lost but we still had so much fun!! Is it really Christmas time if football isn’t involved? LOL


When we got home from the game, we went to see The Christmas House in Inman! This picture does not do it justice. It was SO beautiful!!


Ace loved the Christmas lights too!!



On Christmas Eve morning, we had our own little Christmas at our house with Ace! We were so in the moment that this is the only photo I took that morning! Ace was loving his new toys!



We spent the rest of Christmas Eve at Harry’s parents house with his family! I’m obsessed with the Santa Claus hiding behind the Christmas tree outside of the back door! How cute is that!!


This is one of the gifts his mom gave me!! I could not stop laughing because she covered up Jeffrey on the front cover and replaced it with Harry! LOL


That evening, we played the game “What do you MEME?” It was so fun! Basically, everyone gets a stack of cards that have captions written on them. Then, there is a MEME card with a picture placed in the middle. Each player has to choose a caption from their stack that best fits the meme. The judge will decide which is best! It was so funny!



That evening, we headed to Clover to be with my family! That night, we watched our family favorite, (you guessed it) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! My mom always has the best tree!


Christmas morning, we did presents! It’s always a very LSU Christmas with my family!!


Ryan even had on his LSU gear for Christmas morning! LOL! GEAUX TIGERS!


We ate breakfast that morning, then we were super lazy for a while! We lounged around in pajamas watching Christmas movies. Finally we decided to get ready for the day and we took a couple of photos! Not many!

*My pants and top came from Southern Charm Boutique // Leopard print booties came from Yes Doll Boutique*


Sister, Sister!!


We were all patiently waiting for the food to be ready!!


Christmas evening, we ate dinner with the fam and played Apples to Apples! I have always LOVED this game!!


Ace was Christmas tired!! LOL! It truly was a great Christmas!!


This red dress was the perfect little dress for the holidays! It also makes me think of Valentine’s Day! Stop into Southern Charm Boutique and see if they have any left! I always find something that I love there!!



I saw this and it made me LOL! But seriously, I am already thinking about next Christmas! It really is the most special time of year!!

I know Christmas may have been hard for some of you this year. If so, I am so sorry and please know that Harry and I pray for you.


Today, we are heading back to Clover to celebrate my precious grandmother because today is her birthday. She has been very sick lately and we covet any and all prayers that you could send her way!



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