Life Lately

We are officially less than a week away from Christmas!!! Ekk!!

I feel like no matter how old I get, the magic of Christmas will always be there! I love it so much!!


If you’re still in need of a holiday outfit, head to Southern Charm Boutique in Inman this weekend!! This skirt would be so cute paired with some over the knee boots! I’m absolutely loving the color! This plaid top is so perfect paired with it. This just shouts HOLIDAY to me!


Today’s post is all about “life lately” and of course, there is lots of holiday cheer going on!

Before I get to all of that, lets recap the other recent holidays and some other fun things!



We celebrated Halloween in our very first home this year! We sat on the porch with Ace and handed out candy to the sweet kiddos in the neighborhood! Halloween is just as fun as an adult as it is as a kid!


We celebrated Thanksgiving with both of our families this year! We had Thanksgiving lunch with Harry’s family as pictured above, then headed to Clover for Thanksgiving dinner with my family!! We are so blessed to have great families!





Also during the month of November, we celebrated our friends engagement, Nick and Mary Grace! We love these friends so much!!


I also got to attend a Carolina game this season with these 4 girls who happen to be amazing nurses too!


We did a big project at our house right after Thanksgiving! New carpet! Y’all this was a big project. Everything had to be moved so it was kind of like the moving process all over again! Still wondering why we didn’t change the carpet prior to moving in.. (insert confused emoji) Anyway, glad it’s done!


Santa actually came a little early for me this year!! So thankful for a new ride that has a working radio and transmission again! So very blessed! Meet Dolly!



We kicked off our Christmas season with dinner and Dickens of a Christmas in the square of downtown Spartanburg!! It’s one of my favorite traditions!

Harry and I had a late night Starbucks trip the other night for hot chocolate and cake pops!! Treat yourself!

AnnaVee and I had the BEST girls day to celebrate the Christmas season! We had lunch at Cribb’s Kitchen in Spartanburg, did a little bit of shopping, and attended the Nutcracker ballet! We always have the best time together talking about life, laughing, and wine sipping!


We woke up to a winter wonderland the morning after we saw the nutcracker!! It was our first snow in our first house and it was awesome!! I loved it. Harry loved it. And Ace LOVED it!! We had a few days filled with lots of snow, warm blankets, and Christmas movies!


My school hosts a door decorating competition every year! This is our completed door for 2018! It didn’t win the competition but it was still fun! You should see the other doors.. I have some really creative coworkers!


This is so cute that I had to share it on the blog! Harry’s precious Godmother sent us this in the mail! How cute!! I collect ornaments so I was ecstatic to add this to our collection! There’s actually an adorable mailbox on the other side of the ornament!


We celebrated the birthday boy turning the big 27 this past weekend!! His birthday weekend was filled with cookie cake, tacos, and an amazing Christmas service at church!

I love my church so so much and every service there is amazing but I seriously urge you to click the button below and check out the service from this past Sunday! I was blown away!

The Mill: Flesh and Blood


Harry and I celebrated 3 years of marriage yesterday! We had dinner at Halls Chophouse in Greenville and we had the BEST experience! From the food, to the live music, the service, the atmosphere, etc., it was amazing! If you have a special occasion coming up soon, I highly recommend this place!

I quoted this yesterday on our anniversary but we really do put Jesus first and that is the real “secret.” He is the way, the truth, and the life. We see Him through everything!

I love celebrating our marriage in December because it is also the time of year that we celebrate Jesus’ birth and without Him, our worlds would not turn the way that they do!

You can find our wedding day recap here:

12. 19. 15.


That just about sums up our life lately!!! We are looking forward to being with family over the next week to celebrate the birth of our Savior!



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