Tell All Tuesday: My Quiet Time

Hello friends! I hope y’all are having the best Easter week so far!

Yesterday, I blogged all about my faith, including what it means to me, how I came to know Jesus, and so much more!

Find that Here!

Today, I am here to talk specifically about my quiet time with Jesus!

I think about it this way… how do you feel close with people? When you connect with them, talk to them, spend time with them.

Jesus is the same way! I’m only going to feel His closeness when I’m spending time with Him!

So what does my quiet time look like?

Back in January, I blogged about albums & journals and I talked a little about my quiet time journals.

Read about that here!

These are my quiet time essentials:

On the left, I have my Bible and a journal where I write down scripture, sermon notes, or things I want to remember from my morning devotional, etc.

My Bible

Similar Note Journal

In the middle, you’ll see my devotional. I like to pick out my devotional at the beginning of each year and have a plan in place. I really love the devotionals that have a passage for each day of the year.

My current devotional is actually from 2021. I didn’t read this particular devotional that year so I’m doing it this year! I crossed out the 1 and made it a 3 on the front.

I also want to say that when I read a devotional, I love to find the scripture from the devotion in my Bible, so that I can dive a little deeper into the word. I never want to rely just on a devotional. I want to be in God’s word daily!

My Devotional

On the right, I have a prayer journal. I love writing down prayers! Especially when I tell people, I’m praying for them, I write it down so that I don’t forget!

Similar Prayer Journal

All of these things stay in my nightstand, right by my bed!

When do I do my quiet time?

Ahh!! My quiet time is something I look forward to every single day! It’s my favorite time of the day!

I like to do my quiet time first thing in the morning so that it sets the tone for my day!

Sometimes I find a cozy spot inside and sometimes I go outside! This time of year is my absolute favorite for sitting outside on the back porch in nice weather, spending time with Jesus. I love being surrounded my His creation outside and hearing the stillness & quiet of the morning.

How long does my quiet time take?

On average, I would say, 15 minutes!

I’m telling you, giving Jesus those first 15 minutes of the day makes a BIG difference! It truly does put my heart & mind in the right place. I’m also able to reflect on that time with Jesus and what I learned all throughout my day!


And that wraps up exactly what my quiet time looks like! Have more questions? Want to know more about Jesus or how you can have a relationship with Him too?

Reach out to me or email me at,

It’s a special, special week friends and Sunday is coming!

I can’t wait to celebrate my risen savior!

*I will be back on the blog, Monday! Happy, Happy Easter!*

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