A full Easter Weekend!

Happy, Happy Tuesday friends!!

I hope you all had the best Easter weekend celebrating our risen Lord and Savior!

We had a full Easter weekend over here so I’m recapping all of the memories on the blog today!

Our Easter weekend began on Thursday! We took the day off work and took Brewer somewhere special that we’ve been talking about visiting with him for quite some time…


Y’all, I came here as a kid but it was extra, surreal and special being back here making memories with Brewer!

Brewer wanted to ride everything!! He is such an adrenaline junkie! We love his love for life and adventure!

We had lunch at Red’s drive in, located inside the park!

Then, we rode some more rides! There are so many rides that are two year old friendly!

Then, we went for a train ride! Brewer has become train obsessed lately!!

The park was actually celebrating it’s 50th anniversary while we were there! That was pretty neat! The theme was “love.” I mean that describes Dolly so perfectly!

One of my favorite things about Dollywood is that they play her music all throughout the park! It just gives the sweetest vibe!

The rides, music, shows, food, country scenery, mountains, and so much more made for a memorable day! We will always treasure Brewer’s first trip to Dollywood!

Harry & I get Good Friday off each year! We slept in a little and then we were off to see the Easter Bunny at the Children’s Museum!

And we’re still not a fan! Lol! Brewer prefers the guy with the beard in the red suit!

Despite the Easter Bunny, he had lots of fun making crafts, making food for the bunny, and playing around the museum. He even gave the bunny a wave as we were leaving!

Such a sweet time!!

Saturday, Easter Eve, was a cozy, cold, rainy day at home in our pajamas!

Nothing says a chill day at home like piling all of the toys on Daddy. Lol

We died our Easter eggs on Easter Eve, too!

Brewer was so proud and did most of the decorating himself! I love memories like these!

Easter morning!! The bunny hopped by!

Brewer was full of giggles & joy on Easter morning!

And how cute is he in his whittle Easter outfit!

The Easter Bunny came to see the pup pups too! Bubbles + treats! They are obsessed with chasing bubbles just like Brewer!

Then, we were off to church!

The service was just, wow! So incredible!

Brewer was pretty impressed by what he learned in his class too! Lol

We were off to Clover for the afternoon to spend Easter with my family!

The Easter Bunny outdoes himself at Nana & Papaw’s house!

Nana & her three little bunnies!

Love this cousin crew!

The Easter Bunny in Clover didn’t forget that it was also Master’s Sunday! Brewer had fun golfing with my brothers around the yard!

And we hid eggs too many times to count! These are the memories I live for!

It was an Easter weekend to remember!

Jesus is alive and risen today too! What a blessing that we get to live each day in freedom and with a hope in Jesus!

I will spend all of my days singing & praising of His great name!

**I will be back here, tomorrow!**

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