Tell All Tuesday: How Harry & I carve out time for each other!

Hey friends!!

In honor of love month, I am talking about my sweet husband on my blog today for, “Tell All Tuesday.”

Specifically, I’m talking about how we carve out time for each other!

We’re busy people! We both have jobs, we’re parents, we both have big families, etc!

Today, I am going to list just a few ways that we carve out time for each other!

Date night– Once a week, we do date night! Fridays have always been our date night unless we are out of town, have specific plans, etc! We typically grab dinner on our town square! Now that we are parents, Brewer is with us most of the time for date night! We actually love it that way!! Date nights are more like family nights now. And honestly, Brewer does really well when we take him places and I think it’s because we always have! Now.. there are lots of “date nights” where we do take out and we’ll have “at home date nights” after Brewer goes to bed! And of course there are special occasions where Brewer will stay with family while we go out! I love having a date night, no matter what it looks like! Those are special to us!

Family Walks- Harry & I are really able to catch up and spend time together during family walks! Brewer is content, he’s taking in the scenery, and Harry & I are able to chat and catch up! We do this just about every single day! We will walk around our neighborhood to see the “cow cows” or we will visit a local park!

Evening Time– Once Brewer goes to sleep, we like to sit in the living room or on the back porch, with a glass of wine, a sweet treat, etc. and catch up, or we may even watch a show or movie together! We’re not big tv people (unless I’m watching the bachelor! Lol) so it’s special on the nights we watch a good movie!

Date your spouse- I’m sure I have talked about this a lot on my blog, but always remember to date your spouse! That means making those “during the day” phone calls, sweet text messages, or just anything to let your person know you’re thinking of them! Harry & I do this a lot if I have a break between teaching classes or he’s on the road for work that day! It’s a nice way to catch up!

Quiet time together– This one is my favorite! We do our separate quiet times during the week but we enjoy doing our quiet times together on the weekend, typically Sunday mornings! It gives us time to share what God has been teaching us and have time to pray together in depth! I love this time together!


And those are a few of our tips! 🙂

*I’ll be back here next Wednesday!*

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