What I Wore Wednesday!

Happy |day after| Valentine’s Day!!

I love all holidays!! If you’ve been around my blog for any length of time, then you know this! Lol, I just love a theme and something fun to celebrate!! It makes life exciting!

Valentines Day is just a fun lighthearted holiday! Today, I am recapping how we spent the day of love, yesterday….

PLUS, sharing what we have been wearing lately: shoes edition!! Today, I am sharing shoes for the whole family!

Valentine Recap

Someone was excited about his valentine bucket!!

The pup pups were excited about their surprises too!

I had to decorate for our super fancy, “take out dinner” tradition! LOL!!

The weather was extremely nice!! We spent the afternoon outside!

Brewer & I baked Valentine rice krispy treats!

And there’s DaDa with the goods! Lol! Our valentine tradition has always been, take out Chinese food!

Story time with our littlest love!

These are Brewer’s valentines for his sweet little Valentine party today!

These two make everyday feel like Valentine’s Day! They bring me so much love and joy!

This photo is from our little Valentine weekend away to the lake this past weekend!


Now, let’s talk about the shoes that we have been wearing lately! I’m sharing a pair for me, Harry, and Brewer!

I have been wearing these hunter rain booties on repeat lately! They have been great for colder weather days and also the rainy days as we transition into spring!

Shop, here: Hunter Rain Booties

Now let’s talk about shoes that Harry has been wearing lately! He needed a new pair of shoes for work, date night, etc and these fit all of those events!! He talks about how comfortable they are all the time! AND they are on major, major, sale + come in multiple colors!

Shop, here: Men’s Shoes

Aww!!! Look at Brewer’s new little tennis shoes!! These were in his Valentine bucket yesterday morning! I love the colors and thought they were so perfect for transitioning into spring!

Shop, here: Brewer’s Tennis Shoes


*I’m only blogging once this week! Catch me back here next Thursday! :)*

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