10 Years of Ace!!

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY to our FURST baby!!! 🐾🎉 #AceyPants

We walked into the shelter nearly 10 years ago and I knew that 3 pound rescue puppy was coming home with me!!

We had no idea his breed or what he would become! But man on man, God knew and He knew we needed him!

He’s been here for it all and signifies SO many pieces of our lives! 💛

Yesterday, Ace officially turned 10 so I’m taking a walk down memory lane on the blog today in honor of Acey Pants!

10 years of Ace! 🎉 Before we graduated college, there was Ace. Before we got married, there was Ace. Before we bought our first home, there was Ace. Before we had a baby, there was Ace.

Ace is one in a million!

It’s been 10 years of cuddles and treats!

10 years of running, playing fetch!, and chasing bubbles!

10 years of going on vacays with us!

10 years of swimming and being at the lake!

10 years of celebrating holidays!

And football seasons!

10 years of doing family things! My family LOVES Ace just like we do!

And 10 years of embracing all of our life changes like the champ that he is!

Ace really does signify so much in our lives because he has been here with us, through it ALL!

We celebrated year 10, Ace style: running & playing on the soccer field at our alma mater (we use to come here ALL the time with Ace before we had a house with a yard!) and Bruster’s ice cream- his favorite!

Excuse Brewer’s outfit attire! Yesterday was, dress like a Dalmatian for the 101st day of school! He fit right in with the puppy brothers!

Happy Birthday to our Acey Pants!! 🎉

Literally… our forever pound puppy!! #ADOPT #ONELESS 🐾

**Nash’s birthday is coming up too! I’ll be back on the blog tomorrow to talk about Nash!**

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