This & That Thursday

Hey, Hey! Happy Thursday!

Today is my last blog post for the month of June! Can you believe tomorrow will be July?! Ahh! My birthday month!!

I’m ending the month of June with a little this & that Thursday!

I took a blogging break the week of vacay so there’s not a “What I wore Wednesday” or “Fab Friday” edition this month!

Okay, let’s get to all the things like.. what I’m reading, what I’m loving, what we’re doing for the 4th, etc, etc!

This Week: This week, we are back from summer vacay and back to all of our summer fun, here at home! We have been to the park this week, we had an indoor fort building day with Disney movies, we painted with cotton balls, and today we have lunch plans with a sweet friend! Harry & I also watched an incredible sunset at home last night!

Looking forward to: July 4th!! Y’all know I love a good theme & holiday! Last year, we spent July 4th here at home for the first time ever! It was so fun because our neighborhood had amazing fireworks! We loved it so much that those are our plans for the 4th again this year! Eat with family and be in our neighborhood!

Currently Dreading: Y’all.. life is good! It’s summer, I’m making the best memories with my baby boy, we just got back from the beach, we have a holiday coming up, I can’t think of anything I’m currently dreading! Life is really good! Do you like the Toy Story graphic? Lol, that’s still Brew Brew’s favorite!! He’s obsessed with Toy Story!

Reminiscing on: Well the beach was so darn good with Brewer and his full of life personality this year! I think I will be reminiscing on that for a while! You can read my full recap, below:

Isle of Palms, Vacay Recap 2022

Watching/ Reading: Grease is easily in my top 5 favorite movies!! I turned it on this week while Brewer took a nap and I just love it so much!

I also just started a 13 week Bible reading study that my pastor wrote! I’m so excited about it because it covers the entire Bible!

If you’re local and need a church to call home, please come visit, Church at the Mill! Harry and I have been attending for almost 8 years! We started there when we got engaged. Our church has been such an amazing blessing to our lives over the past 8 years!

Listening to: I’ve been listening to a lot of Hollow Coves, lately. It’s just feel good summer music!

What’s on the Menu: I make this salad every summer and it is my absolute favorite!! We actually had it last night for dinner: spring mix lettuce, strawberries, blueberries. craisins, feta, balsamic, topped with chicken salad!

I’m Loving: This spring/ summer, I have been using tanceuticals lotion UNTIL.. NOW! Ahh! I always have to order tanceuticals and recently ran out, needed it quickly, and didn’t have time to order it! So I popped into Target and found this and now I’m hooked!! It goes on even, it’s not sticky, and it looks SO natural! I even love how it fades because it’s not splotchy. Y’all.. even Harry complimented my tan with this! He noticed it looked natural and even!! If my husband notices how great it is then you have to try it!!

Shop, here: Tanologist Express Tanning Mousse- Dark

Weekend Vibes: It’s July 4th weekend so I’m seeing lots of celebrating all weekend long!Yay! Harry has several days off work for the 4th so we have some day trips planned and we will celebrate the night of the 4th here in the neighborhood! We are SO excited for that!!

I did a blog post on all things red, white, & blue to help make all of your patriotic holidays festive!

Check that out, here: Red, White, & Blue

Bible Verse: Let me leave y’all with this Bible verse. This verse is in my devotion this week and it just so happens to be a favorite of mine. “You are the light of the world.” In such a dark world, let your light for Jesus shine bright- through actions, the way you speak, the things you entertain, through the way you love others, etc! Let your light shine!


*I hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend!! I’ll be back here next Thursday, July 7th!*

2 thoughts on “This & That Thursday

  1. Nicole says:

    I completely forgot that tomorrow is July 1st!!! Ha ha! Here’s to a fantastic new month.
    I love that you said “birthday month” because I totally celebrate all month long too. 🙂 June was my birthday month.


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