Tell All Tuesday: How we Weekend


Happy Tuesday!!

Tell All Tuesday posts are so fun for me. I love taking a random, fun topic in my life and just talking about it!

Today’s post is all about, “how we weekend!”

I’m going to talk about what our weekends typically look like: Friday- Sunday!

Let’s get to it:

Fridays typically look like…

I do not teach live on Fridays. Those are typically some sort of, “data day.”

This cutie pie stays home with me on Fridays!Often times, I knock out work tasks before he wakes up on Fridays and during his nap time.

Harry also gets off work at 1 on Fridays which is super helpful!

Friday nights are always date night!! Harry & I have been doing, “Friday night, date night” for years! Since we were dating!

We mostly cook at home during the week and Friday nights, we go out!

Some nights we get take- out and have date night, right here at home! Other Friday nights..

We venture into downtown!

Our favorite, “go- to” is Cribb’s Kitchen!

We also love Mez Cal, Miyakos, and Willy Taco, just to name a few!

Then, we usually end the night with a movie and glass of wine!

Saturdays typically look like..

We have slow Saturday mornings with jammies and cartoons! Lol

Sometimes, we go for Saturday morning walks!

Some Saturdays are spent with family!

Some Saturdays, we have events like weddings, showers, birthdays, etc!

Other Saturdays, we take day trips to the lake, the mountains, or plan fun outings!

If we stay home on a Saturday, we may have a project planned like sprucing up the yard for the season.

We really like going and doing fun things on a Saturday!

Sunday’s typically look like…

Time spent with the Lord!

Harry & I do our own “quiet times” during the week. Sunday mornings, we like to sit down & do our quiet times together to share what the Lord has been teaching us.

Then, we are off to church on Sunday mornings! We attend our small group & then the service!

Then we come home, have Sunday lunch, and relax!

Sunday’s are our, “at home” family days!

We prep for a new week, I make a quick grocery store run, we may work in the yard because we love to be outside, but we try our best to just relax and not do any “work- work.”

We go for walks and play outside with our best buddy!

Sunday’s are the perfect way to end a previous week by relaxing + prepare for a new week with the Lord!

..and that is how we weekend!

Hope y’all have a great rest of the week! We are looking forward to this coming weekend! It will be extra special for Easter!

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