Easter is coming!

Happy Friday, Friends!!

We are getting so close to Easter!

Easter is the most important holiday that we celebrate!

I always find myself reflecting on my relationship with Jesus around this time of year!

A couple months ago, I read in a devotional & journaled this:

“We are on this earth to spread the love of Jesus. Period.”

That really stuck with me. I mean, when you really let those words transform your heart, it changes everything on the outside too. You treat everyone with kindness, you stop holding grudges, you simply love people, and you realize what is important in life!

I love sharing my testimony around this time of year!

You can find that, here:

A Relationship with Jesus

I also wanted to share 2 Easter egg ideas that tell the story of Christ:

Resurrection Eggs

The Easter Story Egg

Both of those are just so sweet!! I know they will be enjoyed by families for years to come!

If you’re in need of Easter basket ideas, shop below:

Click Here to Shop!

I hope y’all have an amazing weekend!

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