What I Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday which means it’s Friday Eve for me this week!

I’m excited to kick off Easter weekend by enjoying Good Friday with my peeps this week!

Today for, “What I Wore Wednesday,” I am sharing some tops that I am obsessed with!

I’ve mentioned Saluda Rose Boutique here on my blog before! I’m excited to share two more fun pieces from her collection today!

Starting with this fun palm leaf printed top!

This too can be worn with so many poppy colorful pants or simple white! Plus, cute shorts!

This sleeves are my favorite part!! How fun are they?!

Next up, we have this flowy, polka dot, dusty blue top!

I immediately thought of all my teacher friends with this top! When I was driving to a school each day for work, these are the tops I reached for! Tops that are flowy, easy, don’t wrinkle, yet stylish & cute!

Any of the clothing items I’ve ever received from Saluda Rose Boutique are AMAZING quality!!

Some clothing items can be washed once and no longer look the same. The pieces from Saluda Rose look brand new no matter how many times I’ve washed them which is amazing!!

The super cute boutique is owned by the sweetest girlie ever, Rosemary! I love supporting a small business owner!

Help me support this sweet small business owner and shop Rosemary’s boutique, below:

Saluda Rose

**One more thing before I go, I like to deliver 2 blog posts per week! To keep everyone from guessing what day I will publish a blog post next, I am going to start writing at the bottom of each post when you’ll find my NEXT post!**

Hint: If you tend to like my “days of the week” posts like “Motivation Monday, Tell All Tuesday, What I Wore Wednesday, This & That Thursday, & Fab Friday,” those posts go in order each month with other random posts mixed in! For example, if you see a “Motivation Monday” post, the next “days of the week” post would be “Tell All Tuesday.” Although, there may be a another fun post mixed into the order! Make sense?!

Okay, this is my second post this week! Look for my next blog post next Tuesday, April 19th! 🙂

Happy (almost) Easter weekend!

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