Life Lately

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great week!!

Today, I am blogging a little bit of, “Life Lately.”

I blog “Life Lately” posts quarterly throughout the year to catch up on all the things!

We wrapped up summer with this cutie patootie! You can read all about our summer on previous blog posts! We had 2 beach trips, lots of playdates with friends, all the outdoor fun, and ran lots of errands together!

This sweet boy lived his best life at the lake this summer!

We celebrated all the fun holidays over the summer!

I took mini trip to Nashville to celebrate my girl, Natalie getting married!!!

We had the best time on broadway!!

I did a big recap on turning 30 over the summer! I have a feeling this decade will be my absolute favorite!

We have had so many fun play dates with friends!!

We love spending time with family! This is Brewer with Aunt Ashley!

Harry & I had a little get away in August for a bachelor/ bachelorette weekend to celebrate our friends Chelsea & Scott getting married!

That trip was so fun! We rented a cabin on the lake and had the best time just hanging out!!

It’s officially fall and I am in heaven!!!

We took Brewer to his first pumpkin patch at Strawberry Hill!

This sweet boy got some mini pumpkins to play with, he rode on a tractor, we had icecream/ slushies, and had the best time strolling around the pumpkin shed!

Fall walks have been our favorite!!

Most of y’all know that I started a new job! I taught at the same school for 6 years and LOVED it (truly one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made because I loved my coworkers + the students at that school) but in my heart, I knew it was time for a change because I wanted more flexibility with Brewer. God showed up in big ways and I accepted a virtual teaching job, working from home, teaching Kindergarten at Cyber Academy of SC. I did not even know this school existed a few months prior to accepting a position with them. God is amazing at working things out!

Teaching virtually is going really well! I’m loving my new role! It took some getting use to because it was all very new but now, I am finding my groove and I’m seeing all the benefits of my job pay off like I anticipated. I’m just so, so thankful!! I knew I would miss being around people because I’m such a people person BUT, I feel like we are very social- to where it doesn’t seem like I’m missing that social aspect. I’m always around people including family, friends, former coworkers, our small group, etc.! You would be surprised too, how you can form great connections with students/ families teaching virtually. I’m constantly doing live calls and chatting with my team of teachers too! I’m so thankful that I took that leap of faith! God.. He is a GOOD, GOOD father!

I got this sweet little photo of Brewer at daycare the other day! He attends a local church daycare that we LOVE! We were on their waiting list for so, so long and God made a way! Those precious women love him and it makes my heart so happy!

Now that I am teaching virtually, Brewer will start staying at home twice a week this fall. I gave myself some time to adjust to my new job and get comfortable with things. I don’t teach on Fridays- it’s a professional development/ meeting day. Harry is also going to start working from home once a week. Our plan is to keep Brewer home on Fridays & the day Harry is working from home.

It’s also been amazing how much extra time I get with Brewer in the mornings and the evenings with the flexibility of working from home.

Don’t get me wrong, I still work very hard! Every teacher knows that teachers work hard- no matter how you teach! I genuinely enjoy teaching though and the flexibility of being home for Brewer is awesome!

I also love the quote, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Brewer has a California cousin!! Harry’s brother and his wife have the most adorable daughter! Isn’t she lovely!! We love you baby Ines and we can’t wait to see these babies together so soon!!

Brewer and I had our friends over for a fall, afternoon, playdate!

We love these people SO much!!

I kid you not, Brewer took off and started crawling during this playdate!! I could not believe what was happening!! Gosh, I love him so much!!

Brewer loves his daddy!! He laughs and lights up as big as the sky when he sees Harry!!

Life lately is so much more fun, all because of this sweet boy!

I am announcing some BIG NEWS on Sunday…. stay tuned!!

That wraps up, “life lately!”

Catch me back here on Sunday with a big announcement!

Psst… go guess what you think the news may be on my FB or IG post and you may win something!

IG name: kristencochranblog

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