What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday!!! Ahh! Half way to the weekend!!

For this month’s edition of: What I wore Wednesday, I am sharing a (look alike) dress that I wore for spring family photos and now I’m wearing it into the fall, too!

I found my dress at a local boutique that I shop at all the time- Southern Charm in Inman, SC. If you live local check them out!! Well I recently stumbled upon a very similar dress online. I love it so much, I may just purchase it too LOL! The style is different but the pattern is VERY similar!

I loved wearing this dress for spring family photos! It’s long, flowy, has ruffles, and I LOVE the pattern. This can easily be worn in the spring AND fall!

Again, my dress was found at a local boutique but then I came across this dress below and it immediately reminded me of my dress:

How stunning is this dress!!!

The pattern is almost identical to mine! It’s also long, flowy, and has some ruffles!

This dress would be great for weddings, showers, date nights, family photos and so much more!

Shop this dress, here:

Floral Maxi Dress


Okay, I had several people ask about my dress so when I saw this “look alike,” I had to share!


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