Current Make- Up Routine


I hope everyone had a great week!!

Today’s blog post is all about my current make- up routine! I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while now and share some of my favorite make- up products!

You’ll see that I use some things that are more pricey and some things that are cheap from the drug store!

!. Becca Primer- I’ve been using this stuff for several years because I’m literally obsessed! I’ve never found a primer that I love more than this one. I feel like my make- up can withstand all the heat during the hot days with this primer!

2. It Cosmetics CC Cream- This is my everyday foundation!! I use CC cream and I love it! The tube is pretty big and can last me 6 months or more. I use 2 pumps, dab it all over, and smooth it out with a make- up brush! Some people don’t like using CC cream because it doesn’t give a lot of coverage. I think this stuff does!! Plus, by the time I add concealer & bronzer, I have plenty of coverage.

3. Nars Concealer- This is a pricier item but it’s my favorite concealer. I apply this under my eyes, sort of like upside down triangles to cover some of my cheeks, plus the T- Zone area of my face (nose/ forehead). It always gives me good coverage for the pink/ rosacea in my cheeks. I use shade, vanilla.

4. Nars Bronzer- Another Nars product! Once I find something I like, it’s hard to change it up. I love this bronzer so much! It’s great for contouring along with the concealer above. I use shade, laguna in the bronzer!

5. Morphe Brow Pencil- This is a cheap find from ulta! It’s $5 and it works just as well if not better than $25 brow pencils. It doesn’t need to be sharpened, goes on smoothly to help fill in those brows, and I just love it! If you need a good, affordable brow pencil, look no further!!

6. Naked 3 Eye Pallete– I go back and forth between which eye shadows I like. I know pallets like this can be expensive but they last SO long. I’ve had this pallete for probably 3ish years. Lately, I’ve been loving it because it has lots of bronze and light pink colors that I like playing around with.

7. Mac Eye Liner-I apply this with a thin brush on top of my eyelids and let me tell you, it NEVER creases throughout the day. I use to have trouble finding eye liner that did not crease. After finding this, I have not looked back! I usually use a darker eye shadow on my bottom lids, if I’m feeling it, from the above pallete!

8. Loreal Mascara- This is a drug store find that I just really like! It gives me good volume and length. If you’re in need of an affordable mascara, this one gets the job done!

9. Blush/ Highligher- I can’t even remember the brand of this stuff and unfortunately, the product does not say. I know it came from Walmart though and was super cheap. I’m not that picky about the blush I use, so I bought this 2 in 1 deal.

10. Tula Eye Balm- This is what I really use for highlighter. It has caffeine in it, it’s great for the skin, and gives a good looking highlight! I’ve had my tube 6 months or longer and it’s no where near being empty.

11. Smashbox Powder– If you’re in need of a powder to sort of dab around and mesh things together for a final look, this is my fav!!

12. Lipstick- I love this mac color for fall: Velvet Teddy but I love this pink color for summer, Pink and Proper by Maybelline. Lately, I’ve been applying both and I’m LOVING the look it gives. Does anyone else do this? I use a cheap lip liner to match the colors from the drug store- nothing too specific.

13. NYX Finishing Spray- I use a cheap finishing spray but it totally gets the job done and I’ve never felt the need to buy anything more expensive.


That’s it! That is what is currently in my make- up bag! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! OR, if you know of a product you think everyone should try, let me know!!


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